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Canvas rotation in the ArtRage Mobile apps.

Why don't the mobile apps support canvas rotation?The ArtRage Mobile apps (iOS, Android and Windows Touch) don't support canvas rotation (the ability to just turn the canvas around using fingers), but we added it as an option to the iPad app in 2015. This is because canvas rotation is memory intensive feature which isn't absolutely necessary, as it is possible to rotate the entire device. While we may consider adding this feature in the future, we will only add it if it ...

Mobile Digital Art and Creativity Summit

As many of our iOS app and multitouch tablet users already know, smart phones and tablets are becoming a viable and impressive new way of creating art. This emerging art form is being explored and showcased by mDAC, hosted by the Mobile Art Academy in partnership with the Pacific Art League, and partly sponsored by ArtRage. The 2nd Annual Mobile Digital Art Exhibition will open on August 1st in San Francisco and run for three days. It will be a major event ...

ArtRage at the IAMDA Mobile Art Con

IAMDA Mobile Art ConArtRage 3.5 Now With Recording, Playback and Scripting ArtRage is on show at the 2011 IAMDA MobileArtCon in New York. Find out about the professional digital painting tool for everyone.Major new ArtRage Studio and Studio Pro 3.5 Features: Recording/Playback: ArtRage now allows Recording and Playback of paintings and automates repetitive tasks. It records the painting as it happens, to play back later at original or accelerated speeds with the option of changing resolutions, reproducing the actual strokes that made ...