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How can I export an image with layers intact?

Which export file types support layers?While ArtRage's PTG format fully supports layers, the only file type that will also support layers when exported is PSD (Photoshop). All other file types will flatten the painting down to a single layer when exported.

Move ArtRage Paintings to a New iPad

Can I move my ArtRage iPad paintings to a new iPad? If you purchase a new iPad device, then you may want to continue working on your existing paintings and move some or all of your ArtRage for iPad gallery to the new tablet. All PTG files (ArtRage's file format) can be used in any edition of ArtRage as long as the device can handle that size canvas, so your existing paintings should work just fine on another iPad. There are a couple of ...

Can I open my ArtRage PTG files in a different version?

Opening PTG files in a different version of ArtRage Yes. All versions of ArtRage, including the iPad and the Demo, create PTG files and can open and edit these. So any paintings you create in one version (e.g. the Demo) can be continued with another version (e.g. the iPad or ArtRage 4).Note: If you import an extremely large painting to the iPad, then you may run out of memory.

What image formats can I use with ArtRage?

What image formats does ArtRage use? ArtRage uses the custom file type "PTG", and all paintings will be saved in this format. It's always a good idea to keep a copy of your work in Artrage painting format (PTG), as this format supports layers, paint thickness, paint wetness and so on. However you can also import and export your work as other standard image types.To save a painting in a non-PTG format, go to File > Export as Image (ArtRage 2) ...