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Wacom serial email was in Chinese or another foreign language

If the registration email was in Chinese or another foreign language When you register your tablet with Wacom, you should be sent an email containing the ArtRage serial number and download instructions. If you were sent an email that wasn't in English, then you have probably bought a tablet intended for an overseas market, and this meant that Wacom automatically sent you a non-English email. You will need to contact Wacom support directly to get them to help with this.However, you may ...
The Wacom Intuos Pen and Touch Medium Tablet comes with a free copy of ArtRage Studio

Finding your Wacom ArtRage Serial Number

How to find your ArtRage serial number with a Wacom tabletWe've been getting a lot of questions about this recently, so we just wanted to clarify the process of finding your serial number and registering ArtRage if it came with a Wacom tablet.Many Wacom tablets come with a free copy of ArtRage 2 or ArtRage 3 (Studio or Studio Pro). These require a serial number ("registration key") to activate the program after installing it. You get this serial number directly from ...
ArtRage 4 is an entire artist's kit wrapped up in a single computer program

So You Just Got ArtRage For Christmas?

A Getting Started Guide for Everyone Who Just Got ArtRage For ChristmasThis is a basic guide to registering ArtRage and getting started with the program all those amazing new users who join our community at Christmas time. ArtRage is a digital painting program that is designed to be realistic and intuitive. We want you to just open up the canvas and start splashing paint around, rather than have to fight with settings and digital editing tools. ArtRage is suitable for kids, and ...

ArtRage Serial Key been disabled?

Serial Number or Registration Key says it's been disabledRelated LinksHow do I find out what my serial number is? Asked for Serial Number every time ArtRage starts? Serial Number Not Accepted How to Register ArtRage Contact Tech SupportIf you are receiving a notification when you try to Register your product that your Registration Number or Serial Key has been disabled, here is some reason why and what you can do about it.Why a Key/Serial could be Disabled: In general, there are three reasons a key might ...

Why should I register my copy of ArtRage?

What do I get if I register my copy of ArtRage?Related FAQsHow do I find out what my serial number is? Upgrade ArtRage at 50% off What are the different ArtRage editions? ArtRage as Bundled Software ArtRage Supported Platforms & DevicesWe highly recommend that you register your ArtRage serial number in the member area, because it allows you to:Download the latest ...
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