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The Hour of Northern Lights by Odrija Adetu

Contest Winner Artist Feature: Odrija Adetu

An Interview With An ArtRage Artist Odrija Adetu is an impressionistic illustrator from Latvia who draws heavily on colour and nature themes for her beautiful, spiritual artwork. She won third place in The ArtOrder Colour & Texture Contest with 'The Hour of Northern Lights'Who are you? What do you want the internet to know about you? I am an artist and illustrator mainly working with traditional media. I come from a traditional art background, having studied fine art in college. I like working ...
The Perversion by Todd Jaeger

Contest Winner Artist Feature: Todd Jaeger

An Interview With An Artist Todd Jaeger is a production artist with DC Comics, who won second place in The ArtOrder Colour & Texture Contest with "The Perversion".Who are you? What do you want the internet to know about you?Professionally, I am a pre press production artist at DC Comics in NYC. I work on all aspects of pre-press, including art correction and replacement, lettering, layout and design, scanning, you name it. I am a graduate of the The Kubert ...
Still Life #1 by Ian Hinley

Contest Winner Artist Feature: Ian Hinley

An Interview With An ArtistIan Hinley is a fantasy illustrator from Northeast England who specialises in imaginative realism. He was the first place winner of The ArtOrder Colour & Texture Challenge with "Still Life #1", his first artwork using ArtRage.Who are you? What do you want the internet to know about you?I'm Ian. I'm an illustrator living and working in the UK. I get a kind of joy from seeing beautiful art that I just don't get from anything else. Since ...
The ArtOrder Contest: ArtRage Colour and Texture

The ArtOrder ArtRage Contest Winners

Announcing the Winners of The ArtOrder Colour & Texture ChallengeThe ArtOrder Challenge is over and we are very pleased to announced the winners!We are very impressed with the amazing, creative and powerful entries that we received for the Colour & Texture contest that we ran in partnership with The ArtOrder. Experienced ArtRage artists and creative newcomers alike created a stunningly colourful range of works. From glorious abstract hues to textures you wanted to run your fingers over, the art on display ...
art challenge contest

The ArtOrder Colour and Texture Art Challenge

We have partnered with The ArtOrder to bring everyone an awesome contest, in which we challenged people to create ArtRage paintings exploring colour and texture.Theme: Colour and Texture Tools: ArtRage Deadline: Monday, 23rd FebruarySee contest information and submit entries at Infected By Art.PrizesThe contest is organised and run by The ArtOrder and Infected By Art, and is sponsored by ArtRage. Need inspiration? Check out some of our featured artists!1st prize $150 USD 2nd prize $100 USD 3rd prize $50 USDWe'll also be offering a website feature ...