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What devices and operating systems does ArtRage support?

What devices and operating systems does ArtRage work with?ArtRage is compatible with wide range of devices, as well as iOS, Android, Windows and Mac operating systems. While we try and ensure that ArtRage will work with as many systems as possible, some older operating systems will not work with newer editions of ArtRage.You can see a full overview here: ArtRage Supported Platforms & DevicesI know the model. Can I just ask you if it will work with ArtRage? Unfortunately we ...

ArtRage on Linux?

Can I run ArtRage on Linux? ArtRage does not support Linux natively but some users have reported being able to run it using Wine. For more information, check in the forums. Note that we cannot support your version of ArtRage if you choose to run it on Linux. For more information about supported platforms, see ArtRage Supported Platforms & Devices