Finding Your Serial & Downloading ArtRage

How to Install ArtRage for the First Time

It’s Christmas time, which means that we get a a lot of new users trying to figure out how to use ArtRage! If you’ve just bought or downloaded the software and it’s asking for a serial number before letting you go any further, or you have your serial number but haven’t been able to download ArtRage, then please read the instructions below.

Wacom Users

If you downloaded ArtRage Lite from Wacom, then your serial will be listed in your Wacom account under the ‘My Library’ section.

See this page for step by step instructions on registering and downloading your software.

If it is missing, contact Wacom support, as we cannot access your Wacom account and cannot see what happened to your serial number. If you have a question about using ArtRage Lite, then we can help!

If you need to download ArtRage Lite again and have your serial, see below.

Bought directly from us?

If you bought ArtRage directly from, you should have been sent an email after purchase with your download links and serial number. Sometimes this ends up in the spam folder, or gets blocked entirely, due to the download links.

If you cannot find this email, contact us directly with your order details (email, name, order number, postal address) and we will find your purchase for you.

We will do this as quickly as possible, but we are a very small company in a different timezone, and Christmas is our busiest time of year. If you don’t hear from us within three days, please contact us again.


How To Download ArtRage From Us

Important: You need your serial number for this. If you are a Wacom user without a serial yet, follow the steps on this page, or use the free demo until you have your serial number.

If you had problems downloading ArtRage, need to switch from Windows to Mac OSX, or the download expired, then you can always download ArtRage directly from our member area. You get an unlimited number of downloads, you can choose between Windows and Mac OSX, and you will always get the latest edition.

This is also a good way to gift ArtRage to other people, because all they need to do is register the serial to download ArtRage directly to their computer.

To register and download, go to

  1. Click ‘create account’ and follow the instructions if you haven’t done so before.
  2. Log in, click ‘register’, then enter your serial number and click ‘save’, then refresh the page.

You should now see your serial number listed with a download button beneath. Click this button to download the latest Windows or OS X version of your software.

If you have any problems, contact us directly via our support form


Other Serial Number Problems

If you have a different problem with your ArtRage serial number, please see the ArtRage Serial Number FAQs.
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