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Stylish and easy to use painting software for your computer. Get creative with tools that feel just like the real thing.

About ArtRage

What Is ArtRage?

ArtRage gives you real world painting tools on your computer in a stylish, easy to use environment that lets you get down to the process of creating without digital distractions.

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ArtRage Community

Our art community forums are some of the friendliest around. Join in the conversation, share your art, and swap painting tips and tricks with other artists.

Android Galaxy Announcement

ArtRage for Android Arrives At Last

ArtRage for Android App Released For Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and GALAXY GiftAfter many months of development, we are delighted to announce that the Android edition of ArtRage is finally available for certain users. ArtRage for Android is optimised for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 as well as the new advanced S-Pen.It has been selected for GALAXY Gifts as as a free download for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge. Availability & PriceWhile it will eventually be available to all ...
ArtRage iPhone

Explore Creativity: ArtRage for iPad & iPhone Sale!

Explore Your Creativity: ArtRage for iPad and iPhone on Sale!The ArtRage iOS apps are 50% or more off, for a limited time as part of the App Store's Explore Your Creativity promotionThe Explore Your Creativity sale features a range of awesome discount deals of a bunch of related apps. It's a fantastic way to discover new apps without paying full price. And the ArtRage iOS apps have been featured as part of this promotion, which means that they're on sale!The ...
Bardic College by Lothar Zhou

Artist Feature: Lothar Zhou

An Interview With An ArtRage ArtistLothar Zhou is a multidisciplinary artist who specialises in fantasy and historical scenery. He is currently a lecturer on gaming art, and has worked as a professional artist for a number of major companies.Who are you? What do you want the internet to know about you?My name is Lothar Zhou, currently I am working at Norwich University of the Arts as a lecturer, teaching 3D and 2D art for various game platforms. In over 30 ...