ArtRage is widely used as a teaching tool in schools

ArtRage is a flexible real media painting program with a wide variety of options and uses, and a short learning curve – even five year olds can use it with minimal supervision. It is also inexpensive, with no recurring costs, and can replace most traditional art supplies. Our digital painting apps allow students to learn more about modern technology, while also expanding their traditional art skills.

We often have trouble describing whom our software is for, because it is for everyone. This may sound ambitious – a five year old has different requirements from a professional illustrator, but we are for everyone in the same way that a set of paints is for everyone. The child will smudge colors around all day (probably with their hands), and the serious artist will appreciate the quality of the brushes and the options for paint preparation.

The two images on the right demonstrate the possibilities of ArtRage perfectly. Both were the first time the artists had ever used the program.

ArtRage is not just educational it is creative fun for all ages. It inspires, and it allow you to create to your fullest potential. You can do almost anything in ArtRage, and it is very easy to get started.

It plays nicely with common image formats, and has PSD support, along with a range of advanced features that a five year old with never notice and a twenty five year old fine artist will spend all day with. ArtRage is a very stable program with good customer support, a comprehensive manual, an active forum and a useful FAQs section.

For educational discounts please email us with the platforms you use (Windows, Mac, iOS or Android) and the number of licenses you need and we will be happy to help >> [email protected].

Still Life #1 by Ian Hinley
Still Life #1 by Ian Hinley
A collaborative Chromacon effort. People took turns adding new art to each square throughout the day on Sunday.
A project where kids aged 5-15 took turns filling in a square