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manga colour art felt pen

Drawing Manga in ArtRage: Colouring

How To Colour in ArtRage for Manga Art  This tutorial follows on from Drawing Manga in ArtRage: Sketching and Inking and Drawing Manga in ArtRage: Tools & Canvas and assumes you start with a drawing that you want to colour.Ready to colour? Great! (If you need a line art, you can download the picture on the right and import it into ArtRage). Most manga-style art begins by laying down flat colour inside the lines, so add another layer under the line art ...
Cotton Candy Skeleton by Sour Candy Arts

Manga Art Tutorial by Sour Candy Arts

Creating A Manga Illustration in ArtRage with Paige Fowler (Sour Candy Arts)  Paige Fowler is an ArtRage artist who specialises in detailed manga and gothic fantasy illustrations and fan art. She created this tutorial to share her process for creating manga illustrations in ArtRage 4. Her techniques should be useful for artists of all levels.We highly recommend checking out our Sour Candy Arts feature with Paige Fowler to see more of her artwork!How to Create A Manga Illustration in ArtRage with Paige ...
inking over pencil flat canvas manga tutorial

Drawing Manga in ArtRage: Sketching and Inking

How To Sketch & Ink in ArtRage for Manga ArtThis tutorial follows on from Drawing Manga in ArtRage: Tools & Canvas and shows you the best tools for creating a drawing before moving onto Drawing Manga in ArtRage: Colouring.ArtRage is a very traditional themed program with paints that are designed to mix and react realistically and often quite messily, but that doesn't mean that you can't create very digital manga art in it and retain full control of every detail. The ...
Canvas texture pencil artrage 4

Drawing Manga in ArtRage: Tools & Canvas

How To Set Up Your Canvas and Get Started in ArtRage for Manga Art This tutorial helps you get started before you actually draw and colour something for the Drawing Manga in ArtRage: Sketching and Inking and Drawing Manga in ArtRage: Colouring tutorials.ArtRage uses a real world painting canvas texture by default, but you probably don't want this for most of your cartoon and manga drawings. Instead, you want a very flat digital background that won't distract from, or interact with, your ...
april fools mice homepage

ArtRage Safely Reclaimed (April Fools)!

ArtRage Will Definitely Not Become "MouseDraw" and We Think That's A Stupid Name Anyway We would like to sincerely apologise to the ArtRage community for any confusion that may have been caused over the last 24 hours. We hadn't even noticed - someone walked into the office on Saturday morning (1st April - New Zealand time) and found a mouse bouncing on the keyboard and giggling to itself, so we had a look round and noticed that our website had been changed ...

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