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ArtRage 5 gives you real world painting tools on your computer in a stylish, easy to use environment that lets you get down to the process of creating without digital distractions. ArtRage is also available as a Lite edition for Windows and macOS, as well as apps for iOS and Android.

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ArtRage is used for traditional style art, graphic design, picture book illustrations, movie and video game concept art, scientific illustrations, fan art, comics, caricatures, abstracts, photo editing, special effects, product design and more.

Stormlight painting by Sergey ShikinArtist Feature: Lauren MayA Toxa by Kepa LucasArtist Feature: Jon HodgsonArtist Feature: Sav ScatolaArtist Feature: Lothar ZhouPeter JacksonMan of SteelHigh Flying Dragons of Berk ArtworkArtist Feature: Helene GoldbergArtRage Art by Bruce RolffJungle ArtBoatman and fishesZorro ArtRage ArtEmilia ClarkeSwept Away ArtRage iPad ArtVan Gogh Irises against yellow wall artBird Dance Art

Check out our featured artists to see the astonishing paintings and illustrations they are creating with the mobile and desktop versions of ArtRage!

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Painting Tutorials

Learn how to start painting, drawing and inking with the watercolors, oils, pencils, and other tools in ArtRage. You can discover tips and tricks to apply both for your real world art and in our digital software.

Art Forums

Our art community forums are some of the friendliest around. Join in the conversation, share your art, and swap painting tips and tricks with other artists.

Painting software created for and shaped by real artists!

Combine real world techniques with powerful digital editing tools!

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Educational Software

Educational Software

Our digital painting apps allow students of all ages to learn more about modern technology, while also expanding their traditional art skills.

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Latest News:

manga felt pen marker copic artrage lite squareish

Drawing & Coloring in ArtRage Lite Video Tutorials

Learn how to Draw and Color in ArtRage Lite (Simple Line Art)Create a simple illustration from sketch to colorThis video tutorial covers sketching, inking, coloring, stencils, selections, and basic canvas settings in ArtRage Lite, as well as the Fill Tool in ArtRage 5. These videos are 3-5 minutes long, and the entire series is about half an hour. You can also watch the entire series as a single half hour video here.Part 1: Sketching Tips for sketching out your basic lines with the ...
Artrage 5 Commission by Phil Galloway

Artist Feature: Phil Galloway

An Interview With An ArtRage ArtistPhil Galloway is a portrait artist from the UK who brought his rich, impressionistic, brushwork and traditional oil techniques with him when he made the shift to digital. He is becoming increasingly well known for sports illustrations and magazine covers, and painted one of the official images used for ArtRage 5's release.Who are you? What do you want the internet to know about you? I am a contemporary fine and digital artist who specialises in portraiture ...
Jimi 3 ArtRage iPad artist Dean Scott Waters

Artist Feature: Scott Waters

An Interview With An ArtRage ArtistScott Waters is an iPad artist from the USA who paints textural oil portraits and impressionistic landscapes in ArtRage.Who are you? What do you want the internet to know about you? SCOTT Waters is a professional portrait and landscape painter, commercial artist, photographer and computer geek. After he suddenly began drawing at the age of eleven Scott was singled out for special training, learning watercolor in high school and received scholarships to study commercial art and illustration ...
The final prototype game boards for Antagonism

Artist Feature: Stéphane Perriard

An Interview With An ArtRage Artist Stéphane Perriard is a Swiss board game designer who is currently running a Kickstarter for his abstract strategy game 'Antagonism', which was designed in ArtRage.Who are you? What do you want the internet to know about you? My Name is Stéphane Perriard (stephane.p) and I'm a Swiss 2D/3D digital artist in my spare time! I started to draw digitally in the '90s on my old Amiga 1200HD with a great software called Brilliance and a mini graphic ...
felt pen portrait sketch artrage

How To Choose Inking Brushes in ArtRage

How To Choose Inking Brushes in ArtRage Choosing the Right Tool For Different Inking Styles and TechniquesChoosing A Style Traditional inking uses a soft (felt) tip, a hard nib, or a brush to apply ink lines and washes. The ink can be solid and opaque, quick drying, watery, or blend with the ink around it with every stroke. The paper may be anywhere from perfectly smooth to roughly textured. These differences create the signature looks and effects of different inking styles.Modern inking ...

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