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Try out the features of ArtRage before you buy

Free ArtRage Downloads & Trials

We believe in giving users a chance to try our software out before purchasing, especially if you aren’t sure if it will work properly on your particular system. Offering software trials can be a little complicated, and we’re not fond of ads, crippleware or nagware, so we’ve tried to strike a balance between offering an effective demo and putting ourselves out of business. We hope you enjoy playing with ArtRage!

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Desktop Software (Windows & Mac OSX)

ArtRage 4 Demo

ArtRage 4 is available as a free demo for Windows and Mac OSX, with no time limit. Apart from a few restrictions (described below), it should work exactly the same way as the full paid program, and if you experience any technical issues, we are happy to help troubleshoot before you purchase. After purchasing, you will need to download and install the full version of ArtRage 4 separately, and you can uninstall or keep the demo, as you prefer.

Try the desktop demo version of ArtRage 4 for FREE, with no signup, risk or obligation:

Download (right-click and save target as) ArtRage 4 demo for Windows

Requires: Windows Vista, 7, 8, or 10.

Instructions: Download the installer using the button above. Once you have downloaded the file, double click it and follow the instructions to install the demo.

Download (right-click and save target as) ArtRage 4 demo for Mac OS X

Requires: Mac OS X 10.6 or later, Intel Processor.

Instructions: Download the disk image using the button above. Once you have downloaded the file, double click it and drag the ArtRage 4 Demo icon to the Applications folder icon.

ArtRage 4 Demo ScreamThe Demonstration Version of ArtRage 4.5 gives you access to the full feature set of the program with the following limitations:

  • Documents larger than 1280 x 1024 cannot be Saved or Exported.
  • Export is limited to JPEG format and contains an ArtRage Demo watermark.
  • You cannot add new categories to Collections such as Presets and Stencils.
  • Each category is limited to 6 items, the Demo comes with a set of custom content to give you a feel for what’s possible.
  • You cannot install or create Package Files or custom Sticker Sheets.

You can learn more about ArtRage 4 and compare the features of our different editions here.

System Requirements: Windows Vista, 7, 8 (requires Desktop mode), or 10. Mac OSX 10.6 or later (Intel Macs only).
Languages: English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Manual in English.

ArtRage Lite

ArtRage Lite does not have a free trial available (we recommend using the ArtRage 4 demo to test compatibility), but is included as free software with third party hardware, for example, the Wacom Intuos Draw graphics tablet.


Mobile Apps


ArtRage Touch offers a free trial period via the Windows App Store. This is linked to your Microsoft account and expires automatically. Once it has expired, you will need to purchase the full app to continue using it. Note: You can use the full desktop version on any Windows 10 tablet, so you can choose between the app and the full program. The app was designed for Windows 8 devices that could not install desktop programs.

Galaxy Note5

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 includes ArtRage for Android as a free download

ArtRage for Android: Samsung Galaxy Gifts

ArtRage for Android is available as a free download from Galaxy Gifts on certain Samsung devices. Distribution is decided by Samsung, so we have no control over whether it is available for your device, but it should be available for most phones and tablets in Galaxy Note range (see further down for the full list).

Available on the following devices in the Samsung Galaxy range through the Galaxy Gifts/Galaxy Essentials premium app bundles:

  • Galaxy Tab S2
  • Galaxy Tab A 9.7″ with S-Pen
  • Galaxy Tab A 9.7″
  • Galaxy Tab A 8″
  • Galaxy Note 5
  • Galaxy Note 4
  • Galaxy Note Edge

This is the full Android app and exactly the same as the paid versions. The only restriction is that the app download is linked to the device, not your app store account, and cannot be downloaded to multiple devices.

To download the app: Open Galaxy Apps and look along the top of the homepage for the ‘For Galaxy’ tab. Galaxy Gifts will be listed on that page, then you just browse until you find ArtRage.

You can learn more about ArtRage for Android here.

ArtRage for Android: Oil Painter Free

ArtRage Oil Painter Free is an Android app that lets you paint in digital oils. It’s a very simple, easy to use, app that lets you jump right in and start having fun with paint! It is aimed at people who just want to check out our oil brush, or fingerpaint without worrying about a ‘real’ art app.

You can download this paint app from the Play Store and the Amazon App Store:

roses painted in artrage oil painter freeArtRage Oil Painter Free offers:

  • Four oil brush presets
  • JPEG Export and saves PTG files compatible with other editions of ArtRage
  • One layer with ArtRage’s default textured canvas
  • Included manual
  • ArtRage’s unique live paint simulation and color mixing

You can learn more about Oil Painter Free here.

System Requirements: Android 4.0+, 320 density pixel screens (tablet devices and medium to large phones)
Languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Vietnamese, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional).


We do not currently have a trial app of any kind for iOS.

Thank you for trying Ambient Design software.


More Information

Discover ArtRage 4

Discover ArtRage 4.5

ArtRage is a powerful, intuitive painting package that makes it easy to produce natural looking artwork on your Computer, iPad and iPhone.


ArtRage 4.5 Features

ArtRage 4 contains natural painting tools like oils and watercolor, sketching tools like pencils and ink pens, and utilities to make painting easier.


See It In Action…

Take a look at a gallery of interface and feature screenshots, along with samples of work produced by users of ArtRage.


Getting Started

Here you can find an online manual with instructions on how to install, activate, and use your copy of ArtRage. This is for the full version, but can still apply to the demo (you don’t need to activate).

Technical Support

If you require any support when using or attempting to install ArtRage, or technical questions relating to the product and its features.

Art Tutorials

Interested in making the most of ArtRage and exploring it’s many features? Try your hand at some ArtRage tutorials.

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