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Replies to iTunes Reviews

ArtRage for iPad 2.0 was a pretty major update, and it came with few changes and, alas, a few bugs. We can't respond to reviews left on the iTunes App Store, but we've noticed that people are asking questions and reporting issues there, So we decided to answer them here and hope our answers are useful to somebody. Most of the problems have now been fixed, or will be fixed in the next update.

ArtRage Reviewed on Tech This Out at NBC

ArtRage was featured live on Television!ArtRage was featured in an NBC 10 news segment, "Tech This Out", on June 27th. It looks at both our desktop ArtRage 4 edition and our ArtRage for iPad app.Watch the review video and read the article summary at Tech This Out: ArtRage 4

ArtRage in MSI Wind Top Spot

MSI Wind Top Spot Check out the latest spot for MSI's Wind Top touch screen computer, featuring a familiar art application at the easel. Touch PC are getting smarter and more creative for the artist! Now with built-in ArtRage - art software, you can use pressure brushes to paint on the MSI All-in-One PC. MSI AIO features multi-touch screen. This is ideal for our paint software. Use watercolor pen brushes to create your own realistic natural digital painting, getting rid of the ...

iPad Art Apps for Snow Daze

iPad Art Apps - Snow Daze The GeekMom blog is about creating a smart, savvy, social online experience for parents. Geek Mom has list of iPad Art Apps you can spend your time with if you're snowed in at home, including our ArtRage art software under the Creative Category. Check out the article! Discover digital art software at even a kid-friendly price with ArtRage. The program simulates the process of creating natural artwork on a canvas. Easy to learn and great for kids. However, ...

ArtRage for iPad, 5/5 in ImagineFX

ImagineFX Magazine review'Taking the best features from ArtRage 3 onto Apple's tablet, this iPad app is an artist's delight'. ImagineFX magazine reviews ArtRage for iPad and scores it a full rating of 5/5. You can check out the full review in February's edition (#66). The home to all Science Fiction, Fantasy and Digital Artists, packed with tutorials, and tips.
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