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We’re here to help

If you need any support with technical problems relating to ArtRage or our website, please choose an option from the list below:

Check the Frequently Asked Questions…

Our Frequently Asked Questions provide quick answers for most common questions. Before contacting us for support, please check the ArtRage FAQ as it’s likely you can get an answer right away.

Send a Support Request…

Need to contact us for help? Please send us a Support Request via the Support Form. Support requests are answered via email during office hours, Monday to Friday NZ time (GMT + 12).

Check the Forums…

Our forums contain a lot of information that may help if you have a problem using ArtRage. The Technical Forum in particular is full of useful tips for people using the product. Searching the forums may provide a quick solution, check them out: ArtRage Forums

Popular Topics


Finding your ArtRage Serial Number…

If you have lost your Serial Number, please see this FAQ entry for information on where you can find it.

Downloading ArtRage…

If you need to download a new copy of ArtRage, please see this FAQ entry for information.

You can also view the ArtRage 6 Update History to see a log of bugs fixed with each version update.