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How to Add A Border or Outline Around Paint

How to Draw An Outline Around A Shape in ArtRage Learn how to draw a neat border around an area of paint! While Stencils are usually the most effective for complicated shapes and hand drawn border effects, you can also use Selection tools and a few other tricks to get exactly the outline that you need. This guide covers several different methods for creating and editing a border, but you can mix and match them to suit your personal workflow and the needs ...
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How To Draw Straight Lines (Desktop)

How To Draw Straight Lines in ArtRage Need to draw a perfect straight line in any direction? Whether you want to quickly sketch out a building, or add a perfect border, ArtRage offers several features for straight line drawing. If you need to draw a straight line in the desktop editions of ArtRage, you have several options, from keyboard shortcuts to Guides. You can carefully set up your guidelines and draw neatly along them, or add quick perfect straight strokes on the fly. ...


One & Two Point PerspectiveThe Perspective feature in ArtRage 5 lets you add one or two point perspective, and create your own customized perspective layouts. You can customize the individual lines and planes, add or remove any line or section, create complicated skyscrapers or simple landscapes. Perspective also acts as a drawing guide, helping you draw straight lines with the 'Snap To Perspective' feature and adjust the proportions of your art with the 'Scale to Perspective' option in Transform Mode. Click video above ...
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Use Guides as Horizontal and Vertical Ruler LinesGuides allow you to easily add straight lines vertically and horizontally on your canvas as reference lines or as drawing guides in ArtRage 5.Guides are useful for planning out composition (rule of thirds, spacing, measuring across to make sure details are lined up), drawing straight lines, and placing transformed objects.Adding GuidesYou can quickly add new Guides using the three little buttons in the top left of the canvas. You can add either a single ...