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artrage 5 custom inking presets brush pack

Download Inking Presets

Custom Inking Brush Packs for ArtRage 5 and ArtRage LiteAbout The ToolsThere are presets for five different ArtRage tools in this brush pack: Airbrush, Felt Pen, Gloop Pen, Ink Pen, and Watercolor Brush. Each of these tools have their own unique properties. They interact with the canvas texture and existing paint in unique ways, and offer different customizable settings, so while some presets may make similar looking strokes it helps to know what the properties of that tool are and which ...

Toolbox and Workbench

ArtRage Toolbox When you’re working on a project that uses a small set of tools you might not want to have the entire interface visible constantly. The ArtRage Toolbox lets you gather a set of tools, colors, and utilities that are relevant to the specific project you’re working on in to a single panel that can be used in place of the main interface. When you’ve gathered your tools together, Workbench Mode lets you collapse the entire interface in to a single toolbar and work in a focused ...