Update History

ArtRage 6

  • Manifest file updated for 32 bit version running on 64 bit Windows. (No changes for macOS version)
  • Added Apple notarization to ArtRage 6 and installer for macOS. Fixes MacOS Catalina “ArtRage 6 can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software. This software needs to be updated. Contact the developer for more information.”
  • Toggle Canvas Pane: Code = D, Ctrl/Cmd = On, Shift = On, Alt/Option = Off, changed to prevent conflict with Copy visible layers (Photoshop standard)
  • Fix for import contents of an AR pack that’s already installed. When the warning window that the pack is already installed pops up, click Cancel. AR6 crashed. Well now it doesn’t.
  • Fix for Docked panel array can cause a crash in certain circumstances.
  • Fix for Dropping multiple images onto ArtRage as new layers can cause crash.
  • Fix for Huion tablet issue: In WinTab, Tablet pen reports inverted.
  • Fix for Smoothing with custom brush, symmetry, pick-up colour. Quadrants now update correctly.
  • Fix for intermittent Save canvas preset not working? Was Only when ‘enter’ is pressed, instead of button click.
  • Serial number check issue on old version corrected.
  • Potential crash clicking off menu area fixed
  • Fix for Crash on deleting action after playing/recording other action
  • Fix for Undo buffer corruption on undo/redo of hiding/showing non-current layer
  • Palette knife worked differently to AR5. Fixed unloaded blend pickup issue
  • Solved Potential crash in resource picker.
  • Fixed Script header error
  • Updated Build version system for more reliable deployment.
  • Solved Alternate language string error
  • Fixed Crash on undo/redo of layer param changes (opacity, blend mode, etc)
  • Frisket widgets in guide/ruler mode were doing single-dab and cant continue drawing. Now they’re not.
  • Fixed Loaded paintings can prevent ‘undo’ working.
  • Fixed Pasting layer from clipboard could corrupt layer ID.
  • Retina OSX – rotation and scale of reference images improved.
  • Ref location persistencey – Retina resolution issue.
  • Ref sample when zoomed in – Retina resolution issue.
  • Circle and square Cursor visibility in Retina – Retina resolution issue.
  • Perspective control size – Retina resolution issue.
  • Transform control size – Retina resolution issue.
  • Selection crawling ants contrast increased – Retina resolution issue.
  • Narrow mode option removed from Colour swatch collections panel (Not a dockable panel)
  • Improved Sticker brush variation overlay circle rendering
  • Feature added: Perspective stroke direction control separated from perspective snap
  • Sticker brush variant panel highlight ring opaque
  • Fixed Layer panel retina drag layer to top failed.
  • Fixed Reference image crash in retina
  • Solved Ink pen going to 100% on tool change.
  • Improved Guide text size
  • Retina flag persistency – wasn’t persisting, but now it is.
  • Colour picker rendering and picking – Retina resolution issue.
  • Added a whole bunch more bugs to fix in the next update.