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ArtRage 4 Upgrade Discount Price

$ 12.45 (50% off)
During the holiday sale with upgrade discount only. Normally $49.90 new!

Register your ArtRage 2, ArtRage 3: Studio or ArtRage 3: Studio Pro serial
number in the member area to access your 50% discount on ArtRage 4.

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ArtRage 5 is Coming!

ArtRage 5 is coming in early 2017, which means that:

  • All existing owners of desktop versions of ArtRage will be eligible for an upgrade discount to ArtRage 5 (50% for ArtRage 2, 3, and 4. 30% for ArtRage Lite).
  • ArtRage Lite and ArtRage 4 are both 50% off until ArtRage 5 is released.
  • This means that if you upgrade to ArtRage 4 during the sale, you will get 75% off the total price.
  • If you buy a new copy of ArtRage Lite or ArtRage 4, you can upgrade at a discount to ArtRage 5 and pay less overall than the full cost of ArtRage 5. This is the best way to get a guaranteed discount on ArtRage 5!
  • You can continue using your current software for as long as you like. Upgrading is optional and the upgrade discount will always be available.
  • ArtRage 5 will not be available on Steam, but we intend to offer an upgrade discount on our store for current Steam users.


Who Is Eligible?

All ArtRage Lite and older editions of the full desktop software come with a 50% upgrade discount to the latest full version of ArtRage 4. This will change to a 50% upgrade discount from older editions and a 30% upgrade discount from ArtRage Lite when ArtRage 5 is released.

ArtRage Lite Upgrades

ArtRage Lite upgrades are handled inside the program and do not require registration.

To upgrade from ArtRage Lite, go to Help > Upgrade to ArtRage 4. This will take you to our online store with the 50% discount automatically applied.

You can also access your upgrade discount through the member area in the same way as for upgrades from ArtRage 2 & ArtRage 3.

Earlier Editions

Owners of previous versions of ArtRage including ArtRage 2, ArtRage Studio and Studio Pro can be eligible for a discount on upgrading to ArtRage 4.

ArtRage 2: If your copy of ArtRage came with a Registration Key you can be eligible for a discount. This includes versions of ArtRage that came with Wacom graphics tablets, but does not include the free ArtRage 2 ‘Starter Edition’ which had no Registration Key.

ArtRage Studio or Studio Pro: If your copy of ArtRage came with a Serial Number you can be eligible for a discount. If you cannot locate your Serial Number, check the ‘Change Serial Number’ option in the ArtRage Help Menu or read this FAQ: Lost registration key.

ArtRage Studio Pro on Steam: Owners of ArtRage Studio Pro on Steam are automatically granted a 50% discount on purchasing ArtRage 4 from the Steam Store, we cannot provide Steam users with upgrade discounts on our own store.

If you are unsure whether you are eligible for an upgrade discount, follow the Claiming Your Discount process below. If you have lost your Registration Key or Serial Number please check this FAQ Post for assistance.


Why Upgrade?

You should upgrade if you want a faster painting program, more features and more professional capabilities.

ArtRage 4 features 64-bit support (which allows faster speeds and much bigger canvases), more and better tool settings (such as Oil bristle stiffness, or handy design features like Symmetry and Grids, digital editing tools such as Gradient & Pattern Fill, Noise Filter, Cloner, Perspective Transform, improved Layer handling options (including transparency locks and groups), more advanced Wacom Stylus support (e.g. tilt, rotation, customisable stylus profiles), a discreet Workbench mode, and handy drawing features like Views and Scraps (multiple views of your drawing and scrap canvases to test out paint on) and more.

The short version is, it’s a better program. But ArtRage 4 still includes all the same familiar drawing tools and features that you already know and enjoy.

You can compare the various features in each edition at ArtRage Product Comparison, and learn more about ArtRage 4.

Note: ArtRage 4 vs 4.5: ArtRage 4.5 is a major update to ArtRage 4 and is part of the ArtRage 4 edition. ArtRage 4.5 included Grids and 64-bit support, along with a few other features, but isn’t compatible with Windows XP, so we occasionally have to refer to them separately. Anyone who owns an ArtRage 4 licence can download either 4.5 or 4.0.6 (XP-compatible) from the member area as needed.


Claiming Your Discount

To claim your Upgrade Discount you need to register your product in our Member Area. Follow the steps below to create a Member Account if you need one, and register your product. If you have already done both of those, just go right to the last step:

Step 1: Creating a Member Account

  1. You need a Member Account. If you do not already have one, go to members.artrage.com and follow the instructions on the first page to create a new account.

  2. When you have created and validated your account, you need to return to members.artrage.com and log in using the email address and password you used to set up the account.

Step 2: Registering your Product

  1. When you log in you are taken to your Profile Page. If you have registered your product already it should be visible on the Profile Page, go to the last step. If you have not, click the Register button next to ‘Add New Product’.

  2. In the prompt that appears, enter your ArtRage Registration Key or Serial Number and click ‘Save’. If the web page does not update to display your new product, please refresh the page.

Please Note: Some copies of ArtRage Studio Pro purchased just before the release of ArtRage 4 are eligible for a free upgrade to the new version. When you follow the process above and register your Serial Number you may find a free copy of ArtRage 4 added to your Profile Page, you can download it from there and use the new Serial Number provided to unlock the product.

Step 3: Claiming Your Discount

  1. When you see your product registered on the Profile Page there should be an ‘Upgrade to ArtRage 4’ button next to it. Click this button.

  2. A short information prompt appears, click the ‘Upgrade to ArtRage 4’ button in it to be taken to the store with your discount applied.

Please note: To use your discount you must use this system. You cannot go to the cart via our store page and enter your coupon code there to get the discount.


Free Version Updates

From time to time we provide free updates to existing versions of the product that contain solutions for problems found in that version, and in some cases new features. For example, users of ArtRage 4.0 can update to ArtRage 4.5.4 free of charge, or users of ArtRage Studio 3.5.4 can update to 3.5.12

For more information on how to update your existing version, see this Updating ArtRage FAQ.

Still not sure that you want the latest version? You can always register and come back later.

Registering the member area also lets you download updates whenever you need to, reinstall ArtRage if something goes wrong, switch between Windows and Mac OS versions, and find your serial number again if you lose it. So even if you don’t want to upgrade right now, it’s still pretty useful.

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