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ArtRage 4
‘If you’re a longtime painter, I think that the price is more than fair for an app that provides you with such an unbelievable amount of customization and control. If you seriously want to begin painting, this is a great way for you discover which medium is most attractive to you.’5 Stars
‘Beginner and advanced artists will appreciate the straightforward user interface and the unobtrusive tool and color palettes.’
‘If you’re the creative type and like to draw using the computer, ArtRage 4 is an exceptional tool. The level of control you find is unmatched by many other programs and is easy to implement.’
‘ArtRage presents an impressive range of practical tools, functions, and options that make for a rich, hassle-free creative environment.’ 4.5 Stars
‘Don’t think for a moment, though, that its relatively low price tag or its simple interface make it a candidate for only the amateur artist – this application has plenty of tricks up its sleeve for the more advanced as well.’
‘ArtRage gives the user, whether a budding amateur or more seasoned artist, a workable environment in which to develop their creativity…’4 Stars
‘ArtRage [is] a useful, professional level tool that’s made for beginners and pros (what’s the difference between oil paints and brushes for neophytes vs. the experienced painter?).’
‘If you are an artist, or interested in the arts, ArtRage 4 is a program designed for you.’
‘Overall, It’s an impressive app for business travelers who are either looking for an innovative way to conduct business presentations or to others who simply want to get their creative juices flowing.’
‘ArtRage is a fantastic and affordable drawing and painting program that is easy to use for beginners and has enough features that professionals will continue to enjoy it.’
‘ArtRage feels deep and capable, but remains accessible and easy to start with. The attractive price tag doesn’t hurt, either.’ 4 Stars
‘ArtRage is a tool easy enough for the hobbyist and advanced enough for a true artist. ’ 4.5 Stars
‘Easy to recommend ArtRage, the latest improvements make it more flexible and powerful.’4.5 Stars
‘An entertaining app for anyone with a hankering for natural media but not the mess it leaves behind.’4.5 Stars
‘ArtRage is designed for artists and non-artists who like to draw and paint. If you are skilled in a particular discipline, you will find that ArtRage is easy and fun right from the outset. If you consider yourself a doodler, this app just might improve your drawing abilities and you’ll find yourself having hours of fun.’4.5 Stars
‘It’s quite impressive that such a powerful tool runs so well and on that aspect alone it can be recommended for more modest artists that want to try something new, without having to sacrifice performance for it. ’
‘Coming in at under $50, this painting package is very reasonably priced and has an easy to use interface that isn’t nearly as intimidating as a lot of drawing programs have a reputation for.’
‘…the more I fiddle around with ArtRage 4, the more I realize I have literally zero complaints about the program. If you are in need of a painting program, you need to pick up ArtRage 4. Straight up, no excuses. It’s easily one of the best painting programs on the market.’5 Stars
ArtRage 4.5

We asked our beta testers from some reviews on the update when we released 4.5, and this is what they had to say:

‘For me 64 bit has given me the freedom to paint on huge canvases without worrying about the software struggling to keep up. It has made quite a difference to performance. The other major bonus is doing alla prima paintings on the ipad with script record on, then playing the script back at huge sizes on AR 64 bit.

My other favourite new thing is the resource objects drag. It’s a small thing but organising and reorganising colours and tools is an important part of preparing traditional paintings, now we can do it in ArtRage!’

‘I can definitely say that I’ve felt the benefit of improved speed.

I have found the ability to drag items around in the toolbox to reorganise at will very useful. I’ve found it particularly handy for tinkering with sets of colour samples, when you need to add a new colour and want it to fit in.’

‘I have 64-bit on my Dell, and the upgrade has certainly made a big difference there as well.

I am finding the grid really useful. As a lover of Art Nouveau style borders, I can see where to work within the grid, then use the symmetry tool to create one in a flash, which I am having such fun doing. ‘Snap to’ on the grid with Ink Pen Smoothing is also useful to get those sleek controlled sweeps. The grid is also wonderful for accurate placement of items on my artwork.

I am absolutely delighted with the improved Font Selection process. Before this upgrade it was so clunky and difficult to trawl through the list and then actually get your text up and running. Now it is easily accessible, and adjustable to the size you want.’

’64-bit support is one of my favorite aspects of the 4.5 upgrade. The speed improvements are significant and have eased the strain of my work flow with ArtRage, which remains central to my pipelines of illustration, concept art and production of 2D assets for motion graphics and visual FX. If you are working with large files, many layers and /or large brush sizes, then in my estimation you will benefit greatly from this upgrade.

I use the grid system all the time now. As part of my work flow, I often take the time to stop and make custom brushes using the sticker spray system. Having a grid for column and row layout has made this process a snap. I find much less need to create stickers outside of the ArtRage work environment.

The pencil tool has gotten a new soul breathed into it. With the new life pencil tilt function, I find the pencil to be one of the most natural and responsive tools in the kit. You may want to go into your global pen settings (in my case Wacom settings in the control panel) and dial in the tilt sensitivity to taste. I just tap that ‘enter’ key and go into workbench mode and sketch and doodle my heart out. It really takes me to the ‘zone’ where the magic happens.

The resource object drag and drop is a feature I’ve wanted for a while now. I use it frequently as I create custom toolboxes on the fly. Being able to add a preset for a particular tool and place it in proximity to other presets for the same tool ie: pencils with pencils, watercolors with watercolors, keeps my speed of access at the top. A seemingly simple feature smooths work flow very nicely.

The last bit I want to talk about is the new font picker! So much YES! Being able to see the appearance of a font in context while selecting is perhaps something obvious, but when it has been absent, having it added to the interface is cause for celebration! While ArtRage 4.5 will not likely become my new favorite typography tool, it is so nice to have this in my favorite art creation tool!’

‘To me, a teacher, instructor, the “grid” is a very powerful resource in many ways:

It allows students to have baselines to establish comparative dimensions. It allows them to center or decenter texts using AR as a tool for teaching materials. The “Grid” is not static. Is manageable for each of us, we can change it even in color.

Para mí, que soy docente, instructor, la “Grilla” (Grid) es un recurso muy potente en muchos sentidos:

Permite a los estudiantes contar con líneas de referencia para establecer dimensiones comparativas. Permite centrar, o descentrar textos al utilizar AR como herramienta de material didáctico. La “Grilla” (Grid), no es estática. Es manejable por cada uno de nosotros, podemos modificarla incluso en el color.’

ArtRage for iPad
‘…the iPad version of ArtRage is the epitome of a 21st century Apple. Incredibly precise, simple to use, affordable, totally mobile– and seemingly ahead of its time.’
‘Oil painting is more fun because you get the smell and the consistency of the oil paint and all of that… but this has a novelty factor and an ease factor.’
‘”… this app gives me the feeling of being «actually» painting.’ – June '12
‘”ArtRage is a creative app you shouldn’t pass up if you are interested in painting and drawing on your iPad.’ 4 Stars
‘ArtRage is not really an art app—underneath the paint brushes and support for layers hides an incredibly sophisticated physics modeling app, whose purpose just happens to be modeling exceptionally realistic painting… ArtRage is the ultimate art app for iPad, whether you wan[t] to doodle or paint your masterpiece.’ 5 Stars
‘I love this app, and I wouldn’t give it up for anything. It’s great for a quick sketch or a more detailed painting.’ 4.5 Stars
‘I found ArtRage to be one of the most polished and professionally optimized iPad drawing programs designed for serious artists looking for a best-of-breed tool.’
‘ArtRage is a really fun painting app with enough options to satisfy any casual user’s needs, and I can see it being a useful tool for artists who use classic mediums.’ 4.5 Stars
Check out the video review of ArtRage for iPad at
‘Taking the best features from ArtRage 3 onto Apple’s tablet, this iPad app is an artist’s delight.’ Artists Choice Award 5 Stars
‘A beautiful app that really shows of the flexibility of the iPad and reminds us of the power of a touch screen display.’
‘AmbientDesign has just released Artrage for the iPad, and if you already know the desktop version, then you might have high expectations. I had. And I didn’t get disappointed at all when I was lucky to join the beta test phase just in time to take it with me to the beautiful tuscany.’ 5 Stars
ArtRage for iPhone
‘ArtRage for iPhone by Ambient Design Ltd. is probably the most advanced painting and art app on the iPhone at the moment. The app lets you paint in the most realistic way possible but also lets you utilize digital functions that are not available in real canvases.’
Featuring an interface designed specifically for the iPhone, ArtRage for iPhone is compact, maximizing the creative space without hiding critical functions, such as tool and color selection.’
ArtRage Studio / Studio Pro
‘It seems to me like ArtRage is the best package for painting digitally, and it’s amazingly cheap for everything it can do.’
‘If Joy of Painting’s Bob Ross had ever put down his brushes and picked up a mouse, this would’ve been the software for him.’
‘ArtRage Studio Pro goes so far beyond even the tools in Photoshop and Illustrator that you can actually create digital paintings that look like physical ones.’
‘A brilliant program for beginners in digital art, which adequately simulates many real-world painting techniques.’ 5 Stars
‘ArtRage Studio Pro replicates the look, feel, behavior and overall experience of physical art media and tools more accurately and authentically than any graphics editor I’d used before. All that’s lacking is a nostalgic whiff of linseed oil and you’d hardly think you were painting on a computer screen at all.’
‘ArtRage Studio Pro 3 offers the most enjoyable and creatively rewarding art package available at any price.’ 4 Stars
‘A big step towards more professional image composition, with plenty of useful new tools and features.’ 5 Stars
‘Ambient Design has created a technically capable and user-friendly application that’s easy enough for a total beginner to use while being useful to a professional – a bit like a real paintbrush.’ 4.5 Stars
‘This pro-quality update has hugely increased its image editing functionality. Practically perfect!’ 4.5 Stars
Digital Artist Magazine 03, January '10
‘Their involvement is responsible for the combination of two things rarely seen together in a budget application – a nicely designed user interface and a raft of versatile and exciting tools.’ 4 Stars, Feb '10
‘Existing ArtRage users will welcome Ambient’s refinements and improved stability and performance, while newcomers will no doubt love the immediacy of the app.’ 4.5 Stars
ImagineFX Magazine, Dec '10
ArtRage 2
‘ArtRage does an amazing job of replicating the painting experience via a computer interface – for a very reasonable price. Easy to learn and great for kids.’
‘As you can see, the strokes are realistic! They look like I took a snapshot of a canvas I painted on. But it’s 100% digital–amazing!’
‘If you are looking for a digital painting and sketching program and want something that gives you the freedom to create and not invest a lot of money, then ArtRage Deluxe 2.5 is the product for you.’
‘ArtRage is probably the most elegantly designed and easy to use paint package around.’ 4.5 Stars
Imagine FX Magazine, Nov '07
‘As well as being extremely useful for creating natural media elements and complete paintings, this is a fun tool and a great buy for any digital artist.’ Computer Arts recommended 5 Stars
Computer Arts Magazine, Oct '07
‘Despite the scary name, ArtRage is a sweet little painting program that’ll appeal to both adults and kids. It’s the cheapest product here, costing a tenner at current exchange rates, yet it’s also the most polished.’ Computer Shopper recommended 4 Stars
Computer Shopper Magazine, Oct '07
‘A masterpiece of design, the main interface is wonderfully intuitive and simple, yet is also extremely funky and stylish. The net result is that you can concentrate on your creativity, rather than wrestle with menus’ 4 Stars
PC Answers Magazine, Nov '07
‘If your artistic aspirations veer towards enthusiast rather than pro, then ArtRage 2.5 is for you. Cheap, intuitive and fun, it’s the ideal bridge between traditional pen and paint and working digitally. Perfect for beginners and the young, if you do out grow its limitations you will at least have built a firm foundation from which to move on.’ 4 Stars
MacWorld Magazine, Oct '07
‘Much of its interface is geared toward making the act of creating artwork both easy and accessible’ Mac Format Choice 5 Stars
Macformat Magazine, Oct '07
‘One such program that deserves special mention is Ambient Design’s ArtRage. I’d tell you what makes it special now, but you wouldn’t read the rest of the article – you’d be charging off to Ambient’s website to buy a copy.’ 4.5 Stars
‘ArtRage is an amazing tool to start learning about digital art. It’s about as close as you’re going to get to using paint and brush on a computer and has enough feature-depth to keep even skilled PC or Mac artists amused.’ IT Reviews recommended
‘As a natural paint program, ArtRage is fantastic. The markers look and act like markers, the paint looks and acts like paint (you even have to reload your brush), the chalk looks and acts like chalk, etc. When you paint a color over another color, the paints blend together and the brush continues with that new blend.’
‘You stand a very good chance of not getting your computer back for quite some time if you open up a copy of ArtRage around either children or adults. You’ve been warned!’
‘This program, I mean this experience, is joyful painting. It’s something that I think every school should be using in their introductory graphics classes. The way you create here you feel like you are no longer in front of a computer monitor.’
‘ArtRage is a painting program with attitude. It allows users to achieve realistic paint effects on your computer with fun and flair. It is an easy to use program that will suit anyone from child through to experienced artist.’