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ArtRage Vitae (Win/Mac) – Full Feature List.

This list contains all of the features available in ArtRage Vitae, along with a description of some of the ways these features work.  If you are an existing user of ArtRage, you can view just the new feature list here.

Tools & Properties:

Realistic Painting Tools:

  • Oil Brush
  • Watercolor
  • Airbrush
  • Palette Knife
  • Paint Tube
  • Paint Roller
  • Paint blends on the canvas to create color variations based on how much paint is on the brush and how much is on the surface.
  • Paint can be set to run out over time on the brush head to create realistic fading.
  • Smear thick paint to spread it out over a larger area.
  • Watercolors blend together to create delicate gradations.

Drawing Tools:

  • Pencil
  • Ink Pen
  • Pastel / Crayon / Chalk
  • Eraser
  • Marker Pen
  • Apply automatic Smoothing to Pencil and Ink Pen strokes.
  • Apply automatic Tapering to Ink Pen strokes.

Utility Tools:

  • Flood Fill
  • Color Sampler
  • Cloner
  • Text Tool
  • Selection Tool.
  • Fill with solid color, gradients, or patterns.
  • Fill is gap-tolerant and can be set to ignore small gaps in your line-art
  • Edit gradients with a powerful designer tool.
  • Sample colors at exact points, or from an area around the sampler.
  • Apply text in different fonts and formats.
  • Create selections in Circle, Rectangle, Polygon, Freehand, and Painted modes.
  • Build selections using Add, Subtract, Difference, and Exclusion apply modes.
  • Wand Selection can also be set to ignore small gaps in selected areas.

Special Effect Tools:

  • Glitter Tube
  • Gloop Pen
  • Sticker Spray
  • Choose the shape and color behavior of sprinkles from the Glitter Tube.
  • Create textured surfaces by sprinkling glitter repeatedly in a single area.
  • Spray images on to the canvas from a Sticker Sheet based on a wide range of control parameters.
  • Move, rotate, scale, and delete every sticker independently if required to adjust the result of a spray.
  • Create wet blending strokes with a variety of blend properties using the Gloop Tool.

Custom Brush Tool:

  • Create your own custom tools with a wide variety of options.
  • Choose from options to control the shape, stroke properties, color, and depth of the paint.
  • Assign your own image brush heads and texture images then control how they move and scale with the stroke.
  • Adjust the shape of the stroke with smoothing, jitter, and other properties.
  • Control how color is picked up and blended by the brush head.
  • Assign depth to the paint to create thick strokes of any shape.
  • Use any Custom Brush shape as an Eraser tool.
  • Store your favorite settings as Presets to create your own library of paint brushes.

Tool Settings & Presets:

  • Each tool features a wide range of tool settings reflecting their real world equivalent, providing high levels of customization.
  • Save your favorite settings as Presets.
  • Comes with a wide range of default Presets representing different varieties of tool.

Color Tools:

Color Pickers:

  • Work with a natural Color Picker that provides a variety of HLS and RGB modes.
  • Compact Color Picker stays at the bottom right of the Canvas and is small enough to remain while you paint.
  • Tint/Tone Picker provides traditional artistic color selection.
  • Precise Color Picker allows you to set precision color values via sliders.
  • Custom Color Picker allows you to load an image to use as a source for the standard Picker.

Complementary Colors:

  • Turn on Complementary Colors in all types of Picker to display complements for your current color.
  • Select complements or return to the previous color with a single click.
  • Complementary modes include Linear, Triadic, Tetradic, Analogous, and Split Complements.

Other Features:

  • Real Color Blending mode causes paint to blend in a traditional realistic manner rather than digital RGB mode.
  • User-defined color-blending profiles for different types of medium.
  • Apply Metallic values to colors to create reflective paint that blends with normal paint.
  • Store colors in Color Samples for later use.
  • Name individual Samples and store them in sets.
  • Direct Hexadecimal color values can be input and copied from the colour picker.

Canvas Properties:

Canvas Settings:

  • Create canvases in pixel sizes or by using a detailed Print Size tool.
  • Customizable grain selection creates different textured surfaces.
  • Customizable pattern selection allows for detailed coloring on the Canvas.
  • Adjust the angle and intensity of lighting on the Canvas.
  • Canvas Metallic surface selection.
  • Realistic canvas texturing means that your painting is lit like a 3D surface, see the texture of your bristles and painting surface as you paint.

Canvas Presets:

  • Store settings in Presets for ease of application later.
  • Assign a Preset as a default Canvas for future paintings.
  • Comes with a wide range of default Canvas presets.

Other Features:

  • Canvas Mover panel allows easy positioning of the canvas.
  • Rotate and zoom the canvas freely.
  • Quick Flip the canvas horizontally or vertically to check your work by holding down a single key.
  • Tile the canvas horizontally and vertically for seamless painting across the edges of the canvas.

Real World Painting Aids:

Stencils & Rulers:

  • Add Stencils to the Canvas to block out areas and prevent paint being applied.
  • Each Stencil can be moved, rotated, and scaled independently.
  • Stencils stack like real objects on the canvas.
  • Use the edges of Stencils to draw precise lines, like running a pencil along a ruler.
  • A customizable straight line Ruler allows you to measure size on the Canvas.\
  • Create your own custom Stencils.

Reference Images:

  • Import images to pin to the Canvas as References for guiding you while you paint.
  • Scale, rotate, and position References however you wish.
  • Sample color from References for painting.
  • Scrap References allow you to pin a small canvas to your workspace to mix colors or test ideas.
  • View References allow you to pin a custom view of your canvas to your workspace to show different zoom levels or areas while you paint.

Tracing Image:

  • Import an image to be projected on to the Canvas as a Tracing Image.
  • Allow ArtRage to choose the color of your strokes automatically from the Reference Image as you paint.
  • Use the Tracing Image to control Glitter or Sticker Spray color to recreate the image automatically while you paint strokes.
  • Scale and position the Tracing Image.


  • Select traditional Stickers from sheets and apply them manually to the canvas.
  • Scale, position, and rotate stickers independently.
  • Apply color tints to Stickers.
  • Stickers apply color, texture, and gloss to the surface.
  • Apply and adjust drop shadows on each Sticker.
  • Create your own Sticker Sheets from source images.

Layout Utilities:

Grids & Guides:

  • Display a grid on the canvas with customisable segments and sizing.
  • Snap strokes to the grid automatically while you paint.
  • Drag single line Guides to the canvas to act as a measuring tool or snap point for painting.
  • Create Horizontal and Vertical guides at the same time with a single drag.
  • Store and recover sets of Grids and Guides for when you need to have more than one in an image.


  • Add Perspective Layout Grids as guides while painting.
  • Customize every element of the grids, including vanishing points and Wall/Floor surfaces.
  • Add individual Walls and Floors as you desire.
  • Supports 1 and 2 point Perspective.
  • Snap your paint strokes to a direction automatically along the line to the nearest vanishing point.
  • Store and recover set of Perspective Guides for when yo need to have more than one in an image.

Digital Utilities:

Layers & Groups:

  • Add multiple layers to the document.
  • Control the Opacity and content lock of each Layer.
  • Assign industry standard Blend Modes to each Layer.
  • Assign Paint Depth Blend Modes to each Layer.
  • Store Layers in nesting Groups for ease of organisation.
  • Export individual Layers either as flat images or the source maps for their color, texture, and more features.
  • Assign Layer Effects: Drop Shadow, Cutout, Glow, Inner Glow, Emboss, and Stroke.


  • Scale, Rotate, and move the contents of any layer or Selection.
  • Apply non-uniform transforms to distort content.
  • Flip Horizontal or Vertical.
  • Lock scale to current Perspective Guides if there are any.


  • Toolbox Panel provides a customizable space in which you can assign your own contents including Color Samples, Layers, Stencils, Presets, and other items you need for a specific painting.
  • Save and load Toolbox layouts.

Other Features:

  • Unlimited Undo and Redo.
  • Multiple Document support.
  • Full copy/paste of all special Layer Properties such as texture and gloss between paintings.

Special Effects & Filters:

Paint Symmetry:

  • Automatically create multiple strokes around a centre of symmetry.
  • Customize the number of symmetrical segments, the position of the centre, and the rotation of the segments.
  • Clip paint strokes to the segment they started in.
  • Paint blends and smears like normal if you cross over segments.

Warp Filter:

  • Smear and warp your images with non-destructive brush strokes.
  • Adjust the size, hardness, and pressure of the brush head.
  • Create smears, pinches, and swirls under the brush.
  • Store your favorite settings as Presets for easy recovery later.

Adjustment Filters:

  • Blur Filter.
  • Color Adjustment Filter.
  • Add Noise Filter.
  • Remove Color Matte Filter.
  • Supports some Photoshop standard filters.

Interface & Workflow:

Interface Features:

  • Simple, stylish interface that leaves as much of your workspace free as possible.
  • Panels and other objects vanish as you paint close to them to avoid interrupting your work.
  • Choose between Classic layout where panels are docked to the corners, or Docking layout where you can customize stacks of panels on the left and right of the canvas.
  • Lights Out mode allows you to replace the default light canvas with a dark layout.
  • Customize the color of tints in the interface.
  • Choose between different types of cursor for your tools.
  • Customize keyboard shortcuts for most common functions.
  • Interface adapts automatically to supported languages including English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Russian, and Japanese.
  • Retina and HiDPI display support improves the UI quality on both Windows and MacOS

Pen Tablet & Touch Support:

  • Supports pen tablet input for natural variance in your strokes.
  • Pen features supported include Pressure, Tilt, Tilt Angle, and Barrel Rotation where available.
  • Supports Stylus ID where available, allowing you to assign specific tool variants to individual styluses for ease of selection.
  • Supports Multitouch gesture input.
  • Supports Windows Touch Rejection.

File Format Support:

  • ArtRage PTG painting format stores your entire painting including the Tool Settings and colors you used, all of your Layers, and the thickness and wetness of paint on the canvas.
  • Exports to standard image formats for when you want to share your paintings, including PNG, JPG, and TIFF.
  • Import standard image formats to turn them in to paintings.
  • Supports import and export of Photoshop PSD files with layers and groups intact.
  • Create automatic backups of your files as you save.
  • Creates icon previews of your files on your Windows or macOS desktop.
  • Automatic saving of your paintings as you work.
  • Can set to automatically increment your file saves so you keep a history of your painting.

Package Files:

  • Gather multiple resources together in to a single file that can be shared with other users.
  • Add Presets, Color Samples, Stencils, Pickers, Sticker Sheets, and other types of content to a Package File.
  • Install Package Files with a double click to install all of their contents in the appropriate location for ArtRage.
  • Uninstall Package Files from a simple panel when you don’t want the content any more.

Scripting & Actions:

Script Engine:

  • Turn on Scripting to record your paint strokes as you make them.
  • Play back scripts to reproduce your painting from scratch, stroke by stroke.
  • Adjust the size of the script to be played back to recreate your image at different resolutions.
  • Share your scripts with other ArtRage users to allow them to watch your process in full PTG format.
  • Annotate your scripts with notes and spotlights to show the techniques you used.
  • The ArtRage Scripting language allows you to manually edit every element of your painting.


  • Record simple processes and store them as Actions that can be played back on the current canvas with a single click.
  • Choose whether to apply Actions to new layers, edit existing layers, and whether to record tool settings.
  • Share useful actions with other ArtRage users.
  • The ArtRage Scripting language allows you to manually create actions using a programming language that provides access to input values and allows you to create interface panels for script parameters.
  • Actions can have shortcut keys assigned for instant access to commonly used actions.
  • Collaborative Painting with PaintLink:

Share a canvas with a friend:

  • Use the inbuilt PaintLink messaging system to coordinate with your friend.
  • Start a collaborative painting session through your PaintLink account.
  • Work with your tools and layers as normal – your friend sees your changes and you see theirs.
  • Swap ownership of your layers if you want.
  • Resume a collaborative painting session with your friend – collaboration and layer information is saved with your projects

Share content with all your friends:

  • Send ArtRage tools, reference images, colour sets and other content directly to your friends from PaintLink messaging
  • Incorporate content your receive directly into your painting.
  • You don’t need to have a collaborative painting session active – you can send and receive content to anyone in your friend list.