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ArtRage is packed with natural painting tools and utilities for all levels of artist

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ArtRage for iOS Features:

Natural Painting Tools

Tracing & Reference Images

Sketching & Drawing Tools

Layers & Blend Modes

Presets & Settings

User Interface


File Formats, Import & Export

Canvas / Paper


Natural Painting Tools

Features for painting

Get your fingers dirty with a set of natural painting tools that let you smear, blend, and spread paint directly on the screen. ArtRage simulates real world paints so that you can get creative without having to learn complex tools or digital techniques.

  • Stroke oil on to the canvas with the Oil Brush or Paint Roller, then flatten it out and blend it using the Palette Knife. Lay down blobs of paint with the Paint Tube and smear them around, thinning them out over the canvas as you go.

  • Paint delicate, translucent strokes that interact with the wetness of the canvas to flow together and create wet gradations of color using the Watercolor Brush.

  • Use the Airbrush to spray a fine mist of paint over the canvas that creates subtle tints without affecting the texture of your other brush strokes.

Features for dynamics

ArtRage tracks more than just the color of the paint on your canvas. The application understands the thickness of the paint, how wet it is, and how reflective your metallic paint is. This allows the tools to work more like real tools than digital tools.

  • ArtRage knows how much paint is on your canvas so as you smear thick oils to flatten and spread them they thin down until they won’t spread any more. When thick paints meet their colors mix together until they dry out, so you can create natural looking blends. The texture of the bristles shows up in the stroke while you paint, but you can smooth it out with a Palette Knife if you want a flat result.

  • Sometimes you want the unpredictable, chaotic look of a stroke made with a dirty brush. ArtRage remembers what paint you have on your brush head, even if you’ve been mixing on the canvas, so you can turn off automatic cleaning and have your brush head remain dirty until you select a new color.

  • The Watercolor Brush knows about the wetness of both the canvas and other paint it comes in to contact with, this lets strokes expand to blend realistically, forming soft, translucent washes or thicker, dried edges where it makes sense so you don’t have to keep changing settings to get a variety of natural behaviors.


Sketching & Drawing Tools

Features for sketch

Take advantage of the texture of your canvas with freehand sketching and precise drawing tools.

  • The Pencil Tool has adjustable softness so you can do everything from subtle shading that picks up the paper grain, to bold line work. The Chalk and Crayon tools are great for block coloring.

  • The Inking Pen and Felt Pen create solid ink strokes or highlights that interact with color already on the canvas.

  • The Flood Fill tool makes filling in areas of color easy, so when you’ve placed down your inked lines you can fill them in with a single tap.

  • The Inking Pen and the Precise Pencil have an Auto-Smoothing option that can smooth out the wobbles caused by an unsteady hand to make every stroke look crisp.


Presets & Settings

ArtRage iOS Settings

Want to load your brush with more paint, thin your watercolor, or use a softer pencil? Each Tool has a range of options that can be adjusted to create many different variants.

  • Tool Settings that reflect the natural properties of the tool can be adjusted to create a wide range of different, realistic effects.

  • The product comes with a range of default presets and you can add your own as you discover favorite tool settings.



Color features

How you pick colors is central to the process of painting and the best way to do it can vary from person to person, or even painting to painting. Do you blend color on the canvas and sample it, do you use an artistic color picker, or do you store samples of your favorites for later use?

  • The Color Picker supports variants of HLS and RGB color picking in its corner-wheel configuration, and also provides a Tint/Tone picker that gives you a gradation between the pure selected hue and black, white, and gray for a more natural approach.

  • If you prefer to work with color on the canvas you can place down different blobs of paint with the Paint Tube and blend them with the Palette Knife for sampling as you need them later.

  • Store Color Samples for your favorite colors.

  • Add Metallic Tinting to your pigments to add some reflectivity to the pigment. Metallic paint blends smoothly in to non metallic paint.


Canvas / Paper

Canvas features

The type of surface you paint on can add a lot to the final feel of a piece of art. ArtRage lets you define the properties of your canvas including texture and color to create a huge range of different surfaces.

  • Choose from a range of Canvas Presets, store your own, or just tweak properties on the fly. Personalising your Canvas can turn it from a blank background window in to an integral part of the artwork.

  • Canvas Properties such as texture and roughness exist independent of any paint you have applied. Change the Canvas underneath your artwork at any point and new paint strokes will react to the changes. While you paint, you’ll see your Canvas in the window beneath, it’s not just applied as a post process to the image.

  • Canvas Texture can be removed and the surface made transparent for exporting images with transparency masks.


Tracing & Reference Images

ArtRage iOS Tracing

If you want to use an existing photo as a guide while painting, you can import one as a Tracing or Reference and use it to help you work.

  • Import photos as Tracing Images. Images are overlaid on to the canvas and remain visible while you paint.

  • Automatic Color Selection allows ArtRage to sample color for you from the Tracing Image as you paint so that you can focus on your brush work. This is great for beginners who are just getting used to painting.

  • Import photos as Reference Images that are pinned to your canvas to be visible while you work.

  • Scale, rotate and position the Reference Image with familiar Multitouch Gestures to set it up for reference while you’re painting.


Layers & Blend Modes

ArtRage iOS Layers

ArtRage supports industry standard Layers and Layer Groups, transparent overlays that allow you to paint in to your image without damaging paint that was previously applied. Using Layers, you can paint elements of your image and edit them independently of other elements, allowing you to make changes without disturbing the rest of your work.

  • Add as many Layers as you like to your painting.

  • Layer controls include Opacity Adjustment and Transparency Preservation, and Layer contents can be scaled, rotated, and moved independently.

  • ArtRage supports Photoshop standard Blend Modes that change the way paint interacts with items beneath. The Watercolor Blend Mode simulates the variable properties of watercolor pigment based on the density of the paint on the layer.


User Interface

ArtRage iOS User Interface

ArtRage for iOS has been designed to take advantage of the unique interaction model of a touch screen device to turn your iPad and iPhone into a canvas ready for painting. ArtRage for iOS is designed to give you the options you need when you need them, and let you pack away anything you don’t.

  • Important controls are kept in collapsible ‘pods’ that stay out of the way and vanish from the screen as you paint close to them, and critical items such as tool selection and brush size control are managed via gestures that let you function without constantly opening and closing panels.

  • Critical panels can be left open while painting if you want them available, and other panels that contain lesser used options automatically dismiss when you start painting so you don’t have to keep tapping to dismiss the interface.

  • While you paint, interface elements such as panels and Reference Images get out of the way as the brush approaches so that you can keep painting underneath panels without having to stop and hide them before continuing.

  • Multitouch gestures give instant access to canvas movement and scale, with a tap to restore them to their default position, and three finger gestures give you control over your brush and hiding of lesser used interface elements in the menu bar.


File Formats, Import & Export

File features

Manage your paintings inside ArtRage and share them with your friends, either from the inbuilt Gallery module, or by sharing with your desktop computer.

  • Store paintings on your iPad or iPhone in the Gallery, or export them via email, to your Photo Library, or share them with your desktop computer via iTunes in JPG or PNG format.

  • Share your paintings online via deviantArt, Facebook, and Dropbox.

  • ArtRage for iOS files are compatible with the desktop versions of ArtRage 2, Studio, and Studio Pro.

  • Files can be up to to 1400 x 1400 in size on iPad 1, 2048 x 2048 on iPad 2.

  • Import images from your Photo gallery for painting. Imported photos can be smeared as if they had been painted in thick oil.

ArtRage for iOS also includes a Script Recorder. Record your paintings in a format that can be played back in desktop versions of ArtRage Studio or Studio Pro. Share the process of painting, not just the results!

  • Export recorder scripts via email or to your desktop computer via iTunes.

  • Recorded scripts can be played back in ArtRage Studio or ArtRage Studio Pro to recreate your painting stroke by stroke.

  • Script Playback allows you to choose the resolution of the final painting: Paint an image on the iPad or iPhone then scale it up on your desktop computer for print resolution.

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