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Painting and Drawing Tutorials for ArtRage

Tutorials and tips from this website (Read the official ArtRage Manuals here).

the theatre professor

ArtRage iPad Video Tutorials – Theatre Professor

Series of ArtRage for iPad Video Tutorials
We’re delighted to share a series of video tutorials for the ArtRage for iPad app explaining the various …

the theatre professor

Introduction to ArtRage 4: Tutorials from the Theatre Professor

ArtRage 4 Video Tutorial Series by The Theatre Professor

If you are new to digital painting, need help with some a particular feature, or simply …

abba studios artrage 4.5 video tutorials

ArtRage 4 & 4.5 Features: Tutorials from Abba Studios

Art Video Tutorials Showing Exclusive ArtRage 4 Features From Abba Studios

Abba Studios has created a collection of short videos focusing on specific technical features …

Blue Haze by Stephen Berry

How to Paint Realistic Watercolors

A tutorial series from Stephen Berry explaining how he achieves realistic watercolour effects in ArtRage. 

This is a series of videos explaining how to paint …

watercolours tutorial

Into The Stars Watercolour Tutorial

How to paint a night sky using watercolours in ArtRage
“Into The Stars Watercolour Tutorial” by SomeoneSane

An ArtRage artist in the forums recently started a …

sticker spray tycho object spray

Sticker Sprays 1: Creating A Custom Sticker

How to Create A Custom Sticker in ArtRage

Did you know that you can create custom brushes?
The ArtRage Sticker Spray feature is an extremely …

Charcoal Art Tutorial

Drawing with Charcoal in ArtRage 4

How To Create A Realistic Charcoal Drawing in ArtRage 4 Using Traditional Techniques
This tutorial shows you how to sketch out a charcoal-style portrait in …

The Gift Boxes sticker spray preset

Sticker Sprays 2: Sticker Spray Settings

How To Use The Sticker Spray Settings in ArtRage 4

A step by step guide to the settings for the Sticker Spray tool in ArtRage …

paint splats sticker spray

Sticker Sprays 3: Create Multicolored Effects!

Art Tutorial for using the Sticker Sprays: Use random hue to create multicolored sticker sprays. This tutorial applies to users of ArtRage 3 Studio …

painting artrage watercolour tutorial

ArtRage Lite Video Tutorials now with German Subtitles

Get started with ArtRage Lite using Wacom’s Intuos Draw video tutorials

Learn how to start painting, drawing and inking with the watercolours, oils, pencils, and …

Canvas texture pencil artrage 4

Drawing Manga in ArtRage: Tools & Canvas

How To Set Up Your Canvas and Get Started in ArtRage for Manga Art
This tutorial helps you get started before you actually draw and …

inking over pencil flat canvas manga tutorial

Drawing Manga in ArtRage: Sketching and Inking

How To Sketch & Ink in ArtRage for Manga ArtThis tutorial follows on from Drawing Manga in ArtRage: Tools & Canvas and shows you …

Cotton Candy Skeleton by Sour Candy Arts

Manga Art Tutorial by Sour Candy Arts

Creating A Manga Illustration in ArtRage with Paige Fowler (Sour Candy Arts) 
Paige Fowler is an ArtRage artist who specialises in detailed manga and gothic …

manga colour art felt pen

Drawing Manga in ArtRage: Colouring

How To Colour in ArtRage for Manga Art 
This tutorial follows on from Drawing Manga in ArtRage: Sketching and Inking and Drawing Manga in ArtRage: …


External Tutorial Links & Downloads

Please Note: Some of these links lead to external sites. Ambient Design is not responsible for the content of those sites. Some tutorials come in PDF format, you will need a PDF viewer to use them. If you do not have one, you can download: Adobe Reader

Official ArtRage Tutorials on Other Sites

The Ambient Design team answers questions and posts tips across a variety of websites. Sometimes we crosspost the same tutorial to multiple sites, but here are some good places to start browsing!

ArtRage 4 Tutorials

ArtRage Tutorials and Demonstrations by SomeoneSane

A comprehensive collection of tutorials for all desktop editions of ArtRage, covering basic features and advanced tips on

Digital Drawing and Painting by Daniel Ibanez

A range of tutorials and lesson plans in different formats showing you how to use ArtRage and create paintings on

Create Psychedelic Art Digitally with Artrage 4 by Dee Pei

Step by step tutorial for creating psychedelic art (patterns, mandala, symmetrical designs) in ArtRage 4 on

Digital Art Creation for Beginners Using ArtRage by Joel Bowers

A tutorial series aimed at absolute beginners to ArtRage 4, showing you how to set up the canvas and create a stained glass effect. Requires signing up to, but the course is free.

Artrage Paintovers Tutorial by Sophie Baer

Step by step tutorial for using various effects to turn a photograph into an oil painting in any version of ArtRage on

Subscription (Paid) Courses

These courses require you to be a member of the tutorial website. You can often try a free demo for limited access to the ArtRage tutorials, and a membership will also give you access to a wide range of other tutorials. We are not affiliated with the websites, but the artists who created the tutorials are experienced ArtRage users.

Up and Running with ArtRage by Gaeton Laprade (SomeoneSane in the forums)

A thorough introduction to ArtRage 4 for beginners on

  • Setting up ArtRage to fit your painting style
  • Creating a new painting
  • Choosing colors
  • Painting with oil, watercolors, and the airbrush
  • Sketching and drawing with dry media
  • Daubing and pouring paint
  • Masking areas of a painting
  • Writing with the Text tool
  • Recording and playing drawings with ArtRage scripts
Introduction to ArtRage by Victor Osaka

An introductory series aimed at CG artists, rather than general painters at (Pluralsight)

Replicating Materials and Textures in ArtRage by Victor Osaka

An introductory series aimed at CG artists, rather than general painters, at (Pluralsight)

Painting a Portrait in ArtRage by Victor Osaka

A detailed walk-through of creating a realistic portrait from a reference image (Pluralsight)


Tutorials for Older Desktop Editions and Mobile Apps

General ArtRage TutorialsArtRage 2 TutorialsiPad Tutorials
General ArtRage Tutorials

These tutorials work with all current versions of ArtRage, though some of the interface items may be slightly different.

nick harris rooftop tutorial

How to paint atmospheric rooftops in ArtRage

Fantasy artist Nick Harris reveals how to create atmospheric rooftops in ArtRage in ArtRage Studio Pro, in this tutorial for ImagineFX.

Tutorial Watercolor

How to paint in Watercolor

Steve Berry (forum user Steve B) shows you how can use the tools in ArtRage to produce realistic Watercolor effects in this video tutorial series. You can also visit the forum thread: Video Series – How to Paint With Watercolors in Artrage.

Caricature Tutorial 1

Caricature 1

Caricaturist Hans Deconinck takes you through the process of creating a caricature in ArtRage Studio Pro, from photo to completion, and shows off a number of techniques you can use in all your paintings. This tutorial requires a PDF viewer.

Caricature Tutorial 2

Caricature 2

Caricaturist Hans Deconinck demonstrates techniques he used in ArtRage Studio Pro to create a caricature of Lou Reed. See how effects and tools can work together to create a range of natural effects. This tutorial requires a PDF viewer.

ArtRage Apocalypse Tutorial

Apocalypse In Bruges

See how you can use a range of techniques for blending photos together and adding effects with the tools in ArtRage Studio Pro, turning a peaceful town scene in to a raging storm. This tutorial requires a PDF viewer.

ArtRage Entangled Tutorial

Entangled Type

Experiment with a combination of text, blend modes and the Fill Tool in ArtRage Studio Pro to create interesting entangled effects. This tutorial requires a PDF viewer.

ArtRage Blending Tutorial

Layer Blending Modes

Take a look at the effects you can gain from each of the blending modes in ArtRage Studio and Studio Pro. Each mode is illustrated one by one with samples and explanations of what you can expect. This tutorial requires a PDF viewer.

ArtRage Roller Toon Tutorial

Paint Roller Cartoons

See how you can use the Inking Pen, Paint Roller, and Blur Filter in ArtRage Studio Pro to create simple filled cartoons. This tutorial requires a PDF viewer.

ArtRage Cutting Tutorial

Precision Cutting

See how you can use selections and layers in ArtRage Studio and Studio Pro to create vector like cutout effects. This tutorial requires a PDF viewer.

Sweedie's ArtRage Tutorial

Sweedie’s ArtRage Tutorials

A set of 11 tutorials by forum user Sweedie (Artist Henry Stahle). Sweedie’s tutorials introduce you to a wide range of the features of ArtRage and teaches you techniques that can be used to create everything from oil paintings and stenciled illustrations through to pencil sketches and realistic textures. This tutorial requires a PDF viewer.

Speed Painting Tutorial

Speed Painting

Artist Andrea Bianco’s tutorial on speed painting in ArtRage covers a wide range of features in the current versions, with a focus on speed painting. This tutorial requires a PDF viewer.

ArtRage Thumbnail Tutorial

Thumbnail Rendering With Markers

Artist Andrea Bianco’s tutorial on thumbnail sketch rendering using ArtRage is filled with useful tips for using the marker tool. This tutorial requires a PDF viewer.

ArtRage Apple Tutorial

Painting an Apple

Artist Henry Stahle demonstrates painting an apple in ArtRage using a range of tools and techniques. This tutorial requires a PDF viewer.

ArtRage Painting Tutorial

Nick Harris Painting Tutorial

Nick Harris demonstrates a number of the advanced techniques he uses in ArtRage. You can see more of Nick’s work at his website: This tutorial requires a PDF viewer.

ArtRage 2 Tutorials

These tutorials are for versions of ArtRage 2 only and may contain references to tools or functions that are not available in the ArtRage 2 Starter Edition.

ArtRage Cartoon Tutorial

Cartoon Tutorial

An animated tutorial in which Hans Deconinck shows off some of the features of ArtRage 2 and steps you through creating a cartoon face. This tutorial requires a Flash player for your web browser.

ArtRage Rose Tutorial

Quick Start – Rose

A quick start tutorial that gets you right in to the basic features of ArtRage such as painting, and using tracing images and layers to create a of a rose. Downloadable file in zip format including a .ptg file. This tutorial requires a PDF viewer.

ArtRage 2 Tutorial

Step By Step Guide

ArtRage user Judith Tramayne takes you on a step by step tour through ArtRage with this series of videos that shows what pretty much everything in the application does and what you can expect to find as you paint. This is a particularly great guide if you’re new to the product and are a bit nervous about getting started! This tutorial requires a Flash player for your web browser.

iPad Tutorials

ArtRage Watercolor Thinner

A video explaining how to use Watercolours and the effects of thinner in ArtRage for iPad 1.6.

ArtRage for iPad Photo Painting by David A Cox

A video demonstrating how to repainting a photo so that it looks like an oil painting in ArtRage for iPad 2.0


Multilingual (Non-English) Tutorials

See our YouTube channel for links to more ArtRage tutorials in different languages.


Other Sites

Français (French)

ArtRage 4

Les Tutos de Ze Noon Video Tutorials

  • ArtRage 4 #1 : Généralités et interface(s)
  • ArtRage 4 #2 : Paramètres de document et fond
  • ArtRage 4 #3 : Causons crayons
  • ArtRage 4 #4 : Transformation !
  • ArtRage 4 #5 : Encrage sauvage
  • ArtRage 4 #6 : Avoir du pot
  • ArtRage 4 #7 : “Mets de l’huile !”
  • ArtRage 4 #8 : Soyons select
  • ArtRage 4 #9 : Tampon et autres joyeusetés
  • ArtRage 4 #10 : Top modèle
  • ArtRage 4 #11 : Pipette et poils19:32
  • ArtRage 4 #12 : Tout en nuances !
  • ArtRage 4 #13 : Fuuuuusion !
  • ArtRage 4 #14 : De la pratique

Español (Spanish)

ArtRage 3 (Studio & Studio Pro)


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Bahasa Indo (Indonesian )

ArtRage 4

Edo Abdullah Facebook

  • Cara melukis seni abstrak di ArtRage dan mengedit di Photoshop

日本語 (Japanese)

ArtRage 4
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