Questions About ArtRage License

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Is this a one off purchase or a subscription?

Do I have to pay for a subscription to use ArtRage?Related LinksDoes ArtRage Use DRM or Background Services? How to Register ArtRage What Are the Different ArtRage Editions?Buying ArtRage is a one off purchase. We do not use a subscription model and have no plans to switch to one. Once you purchase your ArtRage licence then it is yours for life, and you can download any updates from the Member Area as needed.You do not need to be connected to the internet to ...

Does ArtRage Use DRM or Background Services?

Does ArtRage use Digital Rights Management or use any kind of background services?The desktop versions of ArtRage do not use DRM, or run any kind of background services. There is no additional software installed, and there are no ads. Once you have successfully installed ArtRage, you do not need an internet connection at all (other than to check for updates. You can ignore this, or even turn it off entirely and check the forums yourself). We do recommend installing updates, however, ...

New computer or reinstalled OS?

If I get a new computer or upgrade my operating system and lose ArtRage, can I reinstall it? Yes. As long as you have the serial number, you can re-download ArtRage from the members area and install it again.The application should now launch normally.

Are there any legal limitations on artwork created with ArtRage?

Are there any limits to what I can do with the artwork I produce in ArtRage? Any work you produce with ArtRage is yours to do whatever you like with, including selling your work.We just provide the tools for you to create art and make no claim to anything you create.

Can I install ArtRage on an additional computer?

I want to install ArtRage on an additional computer, is this ok? If you want to install ArtRage on one additional computer for your own use, that is ok with us.The purchased ArtRage serial key is for a single user, but allows up to two different computer installations within the same network. This can be either Windows and/or Mac OS-X, providing you with a download installation file for each platform.If you wish to use more computers than this, then please contact us ...