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ArtRage as Bundled Software

ArtRage as Bundled SoftwareArtRage comes along with the purchase of a number of devices, such as Wacom tablets, Surface Pro Tablets, Adesso Cybertablets and Sony VAIO laptops. We do not have direct control over how ArtRage is packaged, which the specific devices the retailer bundles ArtRage with, but all the possible devices are fully compatible with ArtRage (barring unusual software configurations, bugs, or out of date drivers).You can learn more about ArtRage as bundled software here.

What you get from purchasing ArtRage?

What do I get when I purchase ArtRage from the online store? After you complete your purchase of ArtRage from our online store, download links and the serial number for your software are displayed. The store also sends you an email including your serial number and download links. Your serial number can also be used to download ArtRage at any later point via our Member Area.

Purchasing for both Windows and Mac?

I have OSX and Windows, do I need to buy a copy for each platform? ArtRage can be purchased for both Windows & OS X - providing you with one serial key, but two download files depending on what version you wish to use.Your ArtRage license is for a single user, but if you wish to install on more than one platform for your own use you can register your key in the Member Area and download the installer for any of ...

Does ArtRage install any additional software?

Does ArtRage install any additional software such as AdWare ArtRage does not contain any additional software. It does not contain any adware, spyware or malware of any sort. We here at Ambient Design respects your privacy and remain unintrusive, even in our demo software. We will not apply any nasty extras or advertising into our products and ensure that there are no viruses in our downloads. We can not guarantee this if you have downloaded our software from third party websites. Some sites might ...