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Why is ArtRage lagging? (About the stroke gap in ArtRage)

The 'stroke gap' resembles a lag when using ArtRage but is actually part of the realistic painting process Many new ArtRage users notice what appears to be lag when they first use the app. While ArtRage can lag when performing demanding operations, the 'stroke gap' is a consistent, non-performance related phenomenon. It is the possible area of effect for your next movement. It exists as an empty gap between the leading edge of a stroke, and your cursor, or the pressure point of ...

Where can I find ArtRage manuals?

How can I find my ArtRage manual?Related LinksWhat languages does ArtRage support? What are the different ArtRage editions? ArtRage 4.5 Keyboard Commands How to clear out parked apps and restart on iOS devices How to Register ArtRage Contact Tech SupportFind the manual in the Desktop Editions You can find your ArtRage manual By going to Help > ArtRage Manual or by pressing F1 In ArtRage 3 or 4. Press Ctrl + F1 in ArtRage 2.Find the manual in the ArtRage for iPad App Tap the ? symbol in ...

How to export / upload painting files?

Why can't I upload painting files to the internet or open it in other programs? If you wish to upload an ArtRage painting to Facebook, DeviantART, Flickr, or any other website, or open it with other programs like Photoshop, Gimp or MSPaint, then you need to export your painting. ArtRage uses the proprietary PTG format. This cannot be read by any other program. To create a JPEG, PSD, BMP, TIFF, GIF or PNG file, you need to go to:File > Export As ...

Reducing the amount of memory that ArtRage uses

How do I reduce the amount of memory my paintings use while painting?ArtRage is a very memory intensive program, due to the number of calculations involved in creating realistic paint, and the many options you can turn on while painting. If you find that ArtRage is slowing down significantly at larger sizes, there are a few things you can do to free up memory and speed up the painting process.Paint at a smaller canvas size Reduce the number of layers (for example, ...

Can I open my ArtRage PTG files in a different version?

Opening PTG files in a different version of ArtRage Yes. All versions of ArtRage, including the iPad and the Demo, create PTG files and can open and edit these. So any paintings you create in one version (e.g. the Demo) can be continued with another version (e.g. the iPad or ArtRage 4).Note: If you import an extremely large painting to the iPad, then you may run out of memory.