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Using ArtRage 4 on Windows XP through Steam

How can I use ArtRage 4 on Windows XP?ArtRage 4.5 does not support Windows XP. We have shifted the older ArtRage 4.0 build to an optional WinXP branch that you can find by following the steps below. This will allow you to continue to work with the XP compatible version.To sign up to the WinXP option:Go to your Steam LibraryRight click on ArtRage 4Go to PropertiesGo to the Beta tab Opt into the WinXP Branch

How to view ArtRage file previews / thumbnails with Steam

I can't preview the thumbnails for my files with my Steam installation of ArtRage? Because ArtRage uses a unique file format, normal operating systems cannot display the thumbnail image when browsing the files in folders. Normally, there is a special thumbnail viewing program installed as part of ArtRage, but it isn't possible to include this with Steam installations for Windows operating systems.Instead, you can download the free demo and take advantage of the thumbnail viewer that is installed along with it.

Problems launching ArtRage through Steam

Problems launching ArtRage through Steam If you are having problems running the Steam version of ArtRage, then there are a couple of common issues that are likely to be to blame.1. Verify the local file cache: Locate ArtRage in the Library (under 'All Software', 'All Games' is selected by default and it's not listed there). Right click it and select Properties, then select the Local Files tab. On the Local Files page, click 'Verify Integrity of Application Cache'. That should check to make sure ...

Launching ArtRage without Steam

Launching ArtRage as a standalone programIf you bought ArtRage through Steam and would like to run it without opening Steam, then you are able to do this by browsing directly to the ArtRage program file. ArtRage does not use DRM and does not need an active internet connection. To use ArtRage with the Steam client closed all you need to do is locate the application on disk and launch it directly.To locate the ArtRage fileLocate ArtRage in the Library (under 'All Software'; 'All ...

How to register Steam serial numbers

How to register Steam serial numbers If you have a Steam bought copy of ArtRage, you will receive all updates through Steam. You will also be eligible for the 50% upgrade discount to the next edition, as long as you upgrade through Steam.You can register your Steam serial number in the Member Area, but it will not allow you to download updates, or access the upgrade discount. It is not possible to register a normal serial number with Steam. You can find your serial ...