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Downloadable Color Samples

Free Color Samples -Package Files. The following color sample collections are saved as Package Files. Package Files will automatically install resources to ArtRage 3, ArtRage 4 and ArtRage Lite. ArtRage Package files will have the “.arpack” extension. Double-click these files to start installation. ArtRage should automatically start up and display an install option menu for them.
Default RGB color mixing versus ArtRage's Real Color Blending

Setting Up Custom Color Palettes

Create and Save Color Palettes ArtRage offers multiple ways to import and mix up colors, to create temporary or permanent color palettes. From an on the spot Color Sampler tool, to exportable custom Sample collections, there is a flexible range of options to suit all artists. Note: This guide was created in ArtRage 4, so your version may look slightly different or offer different options. Color Picking The easiest way to 'grab' a color is to use the Color Sampler tool, or the alt+click shortcut ...

Package Files

ArtRage Package Files Package Files are a convenient way to share custom content with other users by gathering items together in to a single file that can then be installed on another computer. Each Package File can contain multiple different types of custom content including Stencils, Stickers, Presets, and even Scripts. Installing a package file places all of its contents in to the correct folder on disk and store a receipt which allows you to uninstall the contents later if you wish.Installing and Managing Package Files Package files have ...