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Download Custom Stickers & Sticker Sprays

Sticker Images and Custom Sticker Spray Brush Presets for Desktop Editions of ArtRage

The Sticker Spray is a powerful customizable tool in the desktop editions of ArtRage. It can be used to spray full color images, create repeating or randomized patterns, and design art brushes that respond to canvas and stylus properties. Uses range from pasting a simple Sticker image into your painting to incredibly advanced painting tools that can be modified to get the perfect stroke or spray out a randomized school of fish that adjust size, color and opacity depending on their location on the canvas or your stylus pressure.

How To Use

You can download and use these brushes in any desktop edition of ArtRage after ArtRage 2. Custom Sticker Spray brushes can be created in the professional versions of ArtRage but ArtRage 3 Studio and ArtRage Lite users can download advanced brushes created by other artists.

Download File Types

  • Package Files (.arpack) which will install multiple Sticker Spray presets and Stickers automatically, but ArtRage 3 users cannot install Package Files created in ArtRage 4 and later.
  • Presets (.prs) which can be saved and copied to ArtRage. These files contain the preset settings for the Sticker Spray.
  • Stickers (.stk) which are the source images for the Sticker and Sticker Spray tools.

A Sticker Spray preset needs both the original Sticker image (the .stk file) and the custom preset settings (the .prs file), so shared brushes must include both parts. If you do not have the Sticker image installed, then the preset will not work, as it will not have a source image.

These files can be dragged onto the open ArtRage program, manually copied to the resource folders, or imported by opening the Stickers and choosing ‘Import Stickers’. For more help installing presets, visit The ‘How to’ thread for downloading and installing ArtRage Resources.

Sticker Spray Downloads

Go to the forum thread for more information about the brushes, and use ‘Download Link’ to download the files quickly. The forum thread will often include visual examples of the brushes in use, and offer tips for modifying them to get specific effects. Check the forum thread to request help or find updated links.

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