ArtRage for iOS Tracing & References

You can import photos and other pictures as tracing or reference images, to help you draw more easily. Tracing Images are images overlaid on the ArtRage canvas to act as a guide while you are painting. The image is partially transparent on top of your paint so you can still see what you are painting beneath. Reference Images are images that are pinned to your canvas while painting. Like Tracing Images they act as a guide while you work. […]

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Setting Up Custom Color Palettes

Create and Save Color Palettes ArtRage offers multiple ways to import and mix up colors, to create temporary or permanent color palettes. From an on the spot Color Sampler tool, to exportable custom Sample collections, there is a flexible range of options to suit all artists. Note: This guide was created in ArtRage 4, so […]

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Tracing and References

Tracing and References ArtRage provides a range of tools to help you recreate existing images as paintings or guide you while you paint: Tracing Images and References. Tracing Images are existing images that can be loaded in to ArtRage and projected on to your canvas to help you choose colors as you paint. References are […]

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