ArtRage 5 version history

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Artrage 5 Incremental Updates

A history of bug fixes and new features found in the version updates for ArtRage 5. These are free incremental updates for improving your purchased software.

ArtRage Lite uses the same version number and will usually be updated at the same time as ArtRage 5, as it has the same bugs, compatibility requirements, and improvements. With the exception of features that are only found in ArtRage 5 (e.g. all the initial update for ArtRage 5 will be ArtRage 5 only until all the new features are stable), all of the updates below also apply to ArtRage Lite.

You can download the latest version from the Member Area, once you have registered your product.


ArtRage 5.0.8
Released 1st August, 2018


  • We’ve addressed a problem that could cause errors when pasting content to a layer in a hidden group.
  • We’ve made a change to tilt handling to fix a problem that could occur on some devices using Windows Realtime Stylus input where tilt values would be processed incorrectly.
ArtRage 5.0.7
Released 12th July, 2018


  • Fixed some issues with Tilt processing on Surface devices and Stylus Profiles not properly updating the selected tool when you bring a stylus to the tablet on compatible devices.
  • We’ve added an ‘Allow Touch’ option for Surface devices running Realtime Stylus that allows you to turn off touch processing on the canvas. Note that this may work on other devices, but we can’t be sure at this time.
  • Stencils now resize properly when you zoom the canvas using the zoom level text edit.
  • We’ve corrected a mistake in the Stencil Options menu in ArtRage Lite and stopped the app forgetting that changes had been made to a canvas if you cancel save during naming the file.
  • We removed a ‘Handled Error’ message that would pop up for no reason when you cancel script recording.
ArtRage 5.0.6
Released 28th Feb, 2018


  • Fixed various scripting bugs including cancellation of transform of pasted content not scripting, crashes when bump blend mode was set to replace in scripting, incorrect layer ordering after importing images in scripts, and tool selection problems after ending warp in scripts.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed painting during temporary H/V flip on Windows. This problem resulted in some unintended partial functionality.
  • Added localised strings for Guides and Document menus.
  • Fixed a UI problem with package file description editing when in Lights Out mode.
  • Fixed a problem that would cause ArtRage to believe it had crashed when starting again after a Win10 restart event.
  • Fixed a timing issue that could cause the Crop/Resize Canvas positioning menu to fail to update if opened quickly after moving the target position of the new canvas.
  • Removed the non-functional Warp Brush shortcut from the shortcuts menu.
ArtRage Lite Only Fixes
  • Fixed a problem that could add large numbers of grid and perspective sets to PTG files saved from Lite.
  • Fixed a problem that caused the app to forget a painting needed to be saved after making changes if save was cancelled when opening a new painting but the new painting operation was also cancelled.
  • Removed non or partially functional options from the Stencils menu in Lite.


ArtRage 5.0.5
Released 25th July, 2017


  • Fixed a crash that could occur in input panels generated by scripts.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Canvas Mover to lose its ‘Tear Off’ button when docked.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the wrong tool to be selected after application of a scripted warp.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the sampler cursor to get stuck when sampling off media when sampling the current layer only.
  • Fixed an artefact that could appear in non square Custom brush heads.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Light blend mode in the Emboss Layer Effect to update to match the Shadow blend mode when activated.
  • Fixed artefacts that could occur when updating a large scale Pillow Emboss Layer Effect.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Fill tool being used in Scraps.
  • Fixed a script bug that could prevent processing of some manual scripts.
  • Fixed a slowdown that would occur when merging layers in groups or structures with hidden layers.
  • Removed the Rotate entry from the Transform pane when transforming Tracing Images as they can’t rotate.
  • Fixed a potential overflow of colour values in areas of partial opacity that could lead to artefacts.
  • Scripting input panels now respect Lights Out mode properly.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the numeric values for guides to appear under the Menu Bar when changing documents.
  • Adjusted the Aspect Ratio lock option in resize panels to avoid conflicting with selected custom sizes.
  • Made sure the Show Guides button on the Layout Panel updates when adding guides after tearing the panel off.
  • Updated the Layer Effects indicator in Layer previews when cancelling the Layer Effects pane.
ArtRage Lite Only Fixes
  • Re-enabled the F5 shortcut for toggling canvas lighting in ArtRage Lite.
  • Removed the ‘New Sticker Sheet’ option from ArtRage Lite, it didn’t do anything because that feature is not available in the product.
ArtRage Lite 5.0.4 Released 20th April, 2017

ArtRage Lite has been updated from version 4.5.10 to 5.0.4. This is a free update for all existing and future owners, including users who downloaded Lite from Wacom and updates Lite to use the latest code from ArtRage 5 for better performance and operating system compatibility.

  • Improved Performance
  • Updated Interface
  • Canvas Lighting toggle
  • Canvas Positioner
  • Ink Pen Opacity
  • ArtRage 5 Discount added to Help menu
  • Paste from External Clipboard
ArtRage 5.0.4
Released 23rd Mar, 2017


  • Adjusted transform operations in scripts to correct problems with transformed content offset on playback.
  • Cancelling layer texture edits no longer produces an erroneous ‘handled’ error popup.
  • Adjusted menu bar layout to reduce instances of overlapped items.
  • Made some changes to PSD text layer import to fix problems after changes to the internal text format of the file type.
  • Adjusted fill to correct some opacity issues and improve speed.
  • Guides are now placed correctly when playing back a script at greater than 100% size.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Recent Files after the 10th one in the list from working.
  • Adjusted tap and hold right click helpers to allow functionality in the grips of the corner roundels in Classic mode.
  • Adjusted positioning for corner panels so that they remember their last dropped location when torn off a second time.
  • Corrected some English strings in the French localisation.
ArtRage 5.0.3
Released 21st Feb, 2017


  • Adjusted custom brush brush head import to avoid stretching non square heads to fit a square bitmap.
  • The Rename option for layout sets now defaults to the current name of that set rather than ‘Untitled’.


  • Fixed a crash that could occur when deleting guide sets.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when closing the warp panel with the Escape key during warp stroke processing.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when redoing an undone Warp stroke after applying Warp in a large canvas.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when importing a Photoshop brush to a new sticker sheet in a user defined group of Sticker Spray presets.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented correct layer duplication when playing a script and duplicating a text layer.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented paste of copied sticker layers on OS X.
  • Fixed a bug that could result in a blank transform rig when pasting a sticker layer.
  • Fixed a bug that caused loading to work incorrectly in the Custom Brush with Multithreading on if Pick Up Color is active.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent proper Unlocking of the app on Mac OS X 10.8 or earlier.
  • Invert in the Brush Designer now updates the interface when applied to the brush mask.
  • The canvas mover now updates when you switch between open documents.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent correct playback of a script with Fill in it if Escape was used to cancel the fill part way through.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the script playback controls to indicate ‘stopped’ state when playing back a script that had a painting inlined in to it.
  • Scripts now record initial Canvas Lighting state.
  • Fixed a bug that caused text in the Russian localisation to be offset upwards for sliders.
  • Adjusted the Russian localisation to improve text fit in the Pods.
  • The Save prompt will no longer become faded when closing the app and saving multiple documents with the Tool Settings panel open.
  • Sticker Opacity is now locked to 100% maximum when setting it via the right click option on the sticker layer.
  • Fixed artefacting that could occur when perspective transforming to extreme values.
  • The Canvas Mover now remembers when it was undocked next time you start the app after previously being docked.
  • The Menu Bar now updates its tool indicators properly after exiting the Warp panel.
  • The settings panel now lays itself out properly when a tool is active that has no settings.
ArtRage 5.0.2
Released 17th Feb, 2017


  • Tooltips no longer get in the way of clicks on buttons on floating panels.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when launching the brush designer from the Tool Settings panel when it was open as a popup from the Menu Bar in Docking mode.
  • Fixed a potential issue at tool up time relating to canvas snap points.
  • The OS X cursor now updates around the edges of references to indicate rotate and scale points.
  • Clicking a reference in the Refs panel now brings its window to the front.
  • Fixed a problem with the sampler working in the lower area of a canvas that is taller than it is wide – The sampler would not process when in those areas.
  • Fixed artefacting and some repeated impression issues in the Custom Brush.
  • Classic mode Tool and Colour picker Collapse buttons now respect Lights Out mode changes.
  • Scripting now correctly records gradient fill operations.
  • Added a wait indicator to Redo operations after undoing Warp.
ArtRage 5.0.1
Released 8th Feb, 2017


  • Quick Start Guides for Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish have been added.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when pasting Cut data from another layer.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause stickers to resize when cancelling transform after pasting or in some cases after loading a document.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented scripting of right click operations in stickers.
  • You can now paste text in to a new layer on OS X (apparently this didn’t work right back through ArtRage 4).
  • Fixed some issues when pasting stickers to empty layers.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Auto Trace indicator to appear under the Color Picker sliders when in docked mode with the Sliders Page visible.
  • Updated the Auto Trace indicator for Lights Out mode.
  • Fixed temporary artefacting that could occur on the canvas when using the ink pen with stylus tilt rotation turned on.
ArtRage 5 Released February 7th, 2017