ArtRage Studio / Studio Pro version update history

A timeline of version updates to ArtRage Studio and Studio Pro

ArtRage Studio and Studio Pro are the two versions of ArtRage 3. We no longer sell either edition, but they are still available as bundled software from third parties.

We brought out an important update in 2013 to make ArtRage Studio & Studio Pro compatible with Mavericks. If you purchased ArtRage as bundled software on CD or pre-installed, then you may not have this update.

You can download the latest update directly from our Member Area, or, if you purchased ArtRage on Steam, the updates will be downloaded automatically.


ArtRage Studio & Studio Pro 3.5.11 & 3.5.12

Released 4th November, 2013
  • Fixed a bug that prevented canvas and window updates during painting on OS X 10.9 Mavericks.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Check for Updates working on OS X Mavericks. Check for Updates now works via our website rather than internal to the application.

ArtRage Studio & Studio Pro 3.5.10

Released 1st November, 2013
  • Fixed a bug that prevented canvas and window updates during painting on OS X 10.9 Mavericks.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Check for Updates working on OS X Mavericks. Check for Updates now works via our website rather than internal to the application.

ArtRage 4 Released 13th February, 2013


ArtRage Studio & Studio Pro 3.5.9
Released 18th October, 2012
  • Fixes a problem that appeared in 3.5.8 that could cause the application to check for updates whenever launched and not remember when the update check flag had been turned off. This update is for versions of Studio and Studio Pro purchased directly from us or received with a hardware bundle, applications downloaded via Steam do not require this fix.
ArtRage Studio & Studio Pro 3.5.8
Released 10th October, 2012
  • A reworking of tablet support to allow systems that have multiple registered tablet devices such as the new Sony Vaio to correctly report the pressure range for their input systems.
ArtRage Studio & Studio Pro 3.5.5
Released 25th July, 2012
  • For Mac OS X 10.8: Added developer certification support to allow the app to run when Gatekeeper is active. For more information,¬†see this thread.
  • Added translations for Spanish and Japanese.


ArtRage Studio & Studio Pro 3.5.4
Released 22nd October, 2011
  • Problems relating to the Color Adjustment and Blur panels have been resolved. Using the panels should no longer cause problems when applying subsequent paint strokes.
  • We resolved a problem with script playback that could cause stencils that were scaling and moving during the script to fail to do either¬† if¬†the script was played back more than once in a given session.
  • We’ve adjusted the Multitouch system to prevent instances of single touch paint strokes turning in to multitouch gestures during the stroke. This is primarily useful for users of optical multitouch devices where other things touching the screen (or a brush head splitting and being detected as two touches) could cause problems during painting.
ArtRage Studio & Studio Pro 3.5.3
Released 5th September, 2011
  • Corrected a problem that could cause double strokes when the ink pen applied smoothing after the eraser had been used by inverting a tablet stylus.
  • Adjusted script import so that double clicking a script to launch ArtRage cannot cause problems with other model prompts such as update checks.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented layers with imported images scaling properly in scripts imported from the iPad.
  • Fixed a possible crash that could occur if scripts were played back below 50% of their original size.
ArtRage Studio & Studio Pro 3.5.2
Released 23rd August, 2011
  • Fixed a problem related to panel positions and contents on OS X. The problem could cause panels to hide themselves during painting without the cursor entering their precise area. Also fixed a problem that could prevent the window redrawing on OS X after switching to Full Screen mode from the menu bar.
  • Fixed a problem that could cause the app to pause for a long time before prompting for image import when an image was dragged on to the app window. Double clicking script files on Windows should now open them in ArtRage.
  • Fixed a problem in the OS X thumbnail viewer that was preventing it generating thumbnails for some files.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause white layers to darken on merge when the Tint layer blend mode was active.
ArtRage Studio & Studio Pro 3.5.1
Released 26th July, 2011
Scripting Issues
  • Dropping an ARScript file on to the ArtRage window should now trigger script loading.
  • Corrected the Script File icon on OS X.
  • Fixed a problem with ‘Wait (rVariable)’ in manual script files.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented the sampler tool being manually scripted in stroke events.
  • Added SampleColour(x, y) to the script language to allow manual sampling of colour at a point.
  • Fixed a problem that could prevent script playback scaling the paper texture correctly when playing back a script at a different resolution.
Other Fixes
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when open the Grain Picker and closing it without selecting a grain.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur on app startup for OS X 10.4 users.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause some panels on OS X 10.7 to appear in the wrong location when opening, or be too small or devoid of contents. This fix also ensures panels will only vanish during painting if you paint in to their region.

ArtRage Studio/Studio Pro 3.5 Released 8th July, 2011

ArtRage 3.5 updates
Major Changes
  • Multithreading: Supports multicore processors, spawning multiple threads while it works to speed up tools and many other processes in the application.
  • Scripting: Allows users to record the process of painting for playback on other machines.
    • Play back scripts at standard or accelerated speed to see the painting constructed live.
    • Play back scripts at different resolutions, recreating your artwork at other sizes.
    • (Studio Pro)¬†Record whole or partial paintings in a Script File that can be shared with other users.
    • (Studio Pro)¬†Annotate scripts as you record with Note Bubbles and Spotlights that draw the viewer‚Äôs attention to areas of the canvas during playback.
    • (Studio Pro) Scripts are saved with the painting as you work, allowing you to come back to a session and continue recording later.
    • Supports a full, function based scripting language that provides support for variable manipulation and user interaction. Script authors can create branching process scripts that can automate and control most of the functionality of the application.
  • Package Files: Gather together sets of custom content such as stickers, presets, stencils and more in to a single, easy to use file that can be shared with other users.
    • Package Files can be installed with a double click. ArtRage extracts and installs the contents automatically to the user content folders.
    • Installed Packages save a receipt which allows easy uninstallation or repair at a later date.
    • (Studio Pro)¬†Create Package Files with author notes and a preview image to personalize it before distribution.
    • (Studio Pro)¬†Save out partially completed Package Files to a Template so that you can work on them over multiple sessions.
  • (Studio Pro)¬†Real Color Blending: A rewritten Real Color Blending system provides better real-world color results, and improves speed.
  • Content Management: ArtRage now includes easier management of custom content from within the application. Right click custom content items such as Stickers, Stencils, and Presets to rename or Delete them from within the application.
Other Features & Improvements
  • Palette Knife Loading: The Blade and Edge Palette Knives can now be loaded with paint before use, allowing you to create smooth flat strokes of paint on the canvas.
    • (Studio Pro)¬†Loaded Palette Knives have additional control over angle during painting.
  • Soft Media Adjustment: Chalks, Crayons, and Pencils have been softened to improve their interaction with the canvas texture.
  • (Studio Pro)¬†Aibrush Controls: Controls for stroke hardness and spatter have been added to the airbrush.
  • Precise Color Picker: The Precise Color Picker can now be left open while you work.
  • Invert Selection: An Invert Selection button has been added to the Selection Settings panel.
  • Interface Adjustments: The interface has been given a clean up to compact some shadows and improve control consistency.
  • PTG Preview Transparency: Added support for transparency masks in the flattened preview in PTG files. This allows ArtRage to import a PTG with Transparency to a layer, and other applications that read PTG to see the painting without its canvas background if the canvas has been made transparent.
  • The Preset Pane now remembers which Preset Group you were in between sessions.
  • The Canvas Positioner can now be toggled using its button on the menu and its keyboard shortcut, rather than just being shown.
  • Large aspect canvases can now have their target position set when you resize the canvas.
  • Added a right click menu to the top and bottom blocks of Group entries in the Layer Panel.
  • Realtime Stylus Support: Tablet support for Windows has been rewritten to support Realtime Stylus, which covers a larger range of stylus and touch based input devices.
  • Added a French Manual to the application.
  • Adjusted Zoom Level handling after Resizing the Canvas to ensure that the resulting canvas fits properly in the window after the resize operation.
  • Improved right click handling on the canvas to make it easier to hide the UI without moving the canvas.
  • Improved user feedback when attempting to delete a preset file that no longer exists on disk.
  • Improved user feedback when attempting to import a non-image file as a Reference Image.
  • Adding a new group in the New Preset Panel, where a group of that name already exists, now selects that Group in the Group List rather than not doing anything.
Fixes & Tweaks
  • Improved Palette Knife blending to prevent paint going darker when using the Knife to blend at the edge of a painted area over transparency.
  • Corrected a problem that could cause the app to slow down after hiding or showing a layer.
  • Addressed a number of situations that could cause square artifacts in a Watercolor stroke after using a dry brush, or in some blending situations where strokes interact.
  • Fixed artifacts that could occur in Ink Pen strokes when painting while zoomed in.
  • Corrected a problem that could cause Text Selections not to update visually while editing text.
  • Fixed artifacts that could occur in some cases painting over partially transparent Stencils.
  • Fixed a number of situations that could cause the app to become unresponsive in some cases on OS X when double clicking buttons or the grain preview in the Canvas Panel, or right clicking on sliders.
  • Corrected some issues with layer merging that could cause paint to dry, and paint texture to be removed or damaged.
  • Fixed artifacts that could occur when Groups that used the Pass Through blend mode were merged to a single layer.
  • Torn off Tool and Color Panels are now visible after restarting the app.
  • Sticker sheet panels have been resized vertically to ensure their contents are fully visible.
  • Corrected a problem that could occur when opening a sticker sheet below a certain size.
  • The Color Sample Name Edit is not longer offset when the Color Samples panel is scaled to a size other than 100%.
  • Removed Scaling support from Tooltips to ensure they always display at legible sizes.
  • The brush head proxy for the Wet Blender is now visible when scaling using Shift-Drag on the canvas.
  • Stickers that have been flipped will no longer un-flip when their tint is adjusted.
  • Sticker Opacity can now be correctly set from the Sticker Menu button in the Layer Panel.
  • Corner roundels no longer appear in the wrong position after changing global UI scale with UI hidden.
  • Corrected a number of minor translation errors in the non English versions.
  • The Presets Panel no longer resets to the default Preset Group when you changed tool settings while the panel was closed.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when setting the Filters system to scan the Library folder on OS X.
  • The Refs Pod now updates the number of loaded References when the list is cleared.
  • Tablet Preference changes now prompt for restart if made via a keyboard shortcut.
  • The default name for new groups added to Resource Collections is not longer ‚ÄòAdd Group‚Äô.
  • The number of presets listed in the presets pod now updates correctly after removing a preset.
  • The Transform Rig now reappears after moving the transformed area using the arrow keys on the keyboard.
  • Removed ‚ÄòAll Files‚Äô type options from Windows Save dialogs.
Please Note: Due to some of the new feature requirements we have had to drop support for OS X 10.3 and PPC Macs. The OS X version of 3.5 runs on 10.4 or later Intel macs only.


ArtRage Studio/Studio Pro 3.0.8
Released 29th October, 2010
  • Cursor Opacity:¬†At the request of a number of screencasting or video painting users, the Precise Cursor now has an Opacity slider so you can make it completely invisible. OS Arrow cursors etc. will still be visible.
  • Sticker Shadows:¬†Sticker sheets now have a Shadow toggle that can be used to turn off the shadow on stickers you place individually by peeling from the sheet. When sticker sheets are created they can have the Shadow toggle set OFF, when the sheet is opened for use the toggle reflects the original sheet’s preference.
  • Wintab Toggle:¬†Added a ‘Use Wintab’ toggle to the Input Preferences panel on Windows. Users who have problems due to the interaction of Wintab and Ink Services can now tell ArtRage to ignore Wintab in cases where it causes an issue. Previously, users could only ignore Ink Services.
  • Ink Pen Tapering:¬†Added Tapering to the Inking Pen. The tapering option allows you to automatically replace the pressure curve of the ink pen with a smooth tapered result when auto-correction happens at the end of the stroke. This feature comes to you courtesy of the ArtRage for iPad development process.
  • Clear:¬†The Edit Menu now has a ‘Clear’ option that is active when there is a selection set, it clears the contents of the selection. Feel free to assign Delete to it in the shortcuts panel, or reset your shortcuts to default and it will be auto-assigned.
  • Presets:¬†ArtRage tracks the current selected preset and no longer deactivates its highlight when you change brush size. This means that the preset you selected will remain lit up until you make a change to the general settings of the tool.
  • OS X QuickView:¬†After installing the new version application and opening it once, PTG files will be previewable using the Quick View option in OS X.
  • Fixed a colour blending bug that could introduce blue in to greyscale blending with the oil and other tools.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented layers properly saving their Use Canvas Texture flag.
  • Ensured that if a preset has been selected for a tool, when opening the presets panel for that tool it will be visible in the list.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented resource panel tile highlights going brighter to display the text over them if the UI tint was too low in luminance.
  • Fixed a bug that caused ArtRage to prevent OS X shutdown if it was open and no changes had been made to the painting.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the ‘type’ of certain tools being highlighted in the settings panel when the UI tint was grey (eg. type of selection shape and construction mode).
  • Corrected a problem in the manual’s description of the Transform tool.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause layer group duplication or incorrect layer stack placement after undoing then redoing adding a layer group.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when launching ArtRage by double clicking a PTG file that had the Polygonal Selection tool selected when saved.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when deleting a custom picker from disk when it was visible in the picker collection, then clicking it in the collection again.
  • Fixed a bug that caused problems with the Width/Height values in the Crop/Resize panel when adjusting the Percentage size of an image in Print Mode.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Color Picker to lose Saturation value after closing and reopening when 0 luminance colours were selected.
  • Fixed a bug that caused ArtRage to fail to save its preferences on OSX if the app closed due to an OS reboot rather than the user manually quitting.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Dutch being selected automatically when automatic language selection is on and Dutch is the OS language.
ArtRage Studio & Studio Pro 3.0.7
Released 17th June 2010
Re-release including an Italian translation and manual.
ArtRage Studio & Studio Pro 3.0.7
Released 17th May 2010
Important. Windows users who upgrade from a previous version may need to re-enter their Serial Number the first time they run 3.0.7. Your Serial Number will be displayed on the download page before you can download the new version, please copy it so that it can be easily entered when you launch the new version (if you copy it to your clipboard it should appear automatically in the product when it starts). This is due to a change in the security manifest included in the software. Changes
  • ArtRage now remembers the image format you used to export images of various kinds. Wherever the application allows you to select an image format for export, it will now remember the last format used for that operation.
  • You can now drop image files of any type on to the ArtRage application icon to open the application and prompt with standard import options.
  • The units displayed on the second edge of a ruler can now be changed via right click on the ruler.
  • You can now drag a ruler off the stencils panel the same way you can drag standard stencils.
  • Windows file association has been adjusted in the installer to allow you to move around installed files and not have the installer attempt to ‘repair’ ArtRage when you double click a PTG. Windows users should now be able to shift around shortcuts and rename or remove stencils that were installed with the product.
  • The Windows installer now prompts for a folder name for the start menu shortcut if selected.
  • Resetting the rotation of a reference image correctly resets its preview in the reference panel now.
  • The water glass pod will no longer be visible on starting the app if the tool does not call for it to be visible.
  • The presets panel now updates to display the group a new preset was added to, even if that group was created in the Add Preset panel.
  • Mousing over a reference image now brings up the zoom/pan controls for only that reference image.
  • Shift + Tab cycles backwards through stickers that have transformation focus.
  • Save will no longer overwrite the arrestart.ptg if it was loaded automatically on startup. Saving a recovered painting will always prompt for file name.
  • Fixed a crash related to font lists that could occur on OSX when starting the application.
  • Adjusted ¬†the ArtRage manifest file to fix Side by Side errors encountered on Windows both on installation and in the event log.
  • Fixed a bug that caused problems redoing after undoing the addition of an unfixed sticker. This could lead to redo stack corruption.
  • The default canvas type is now applied to the canvas when you Import an image.
  • Fixed a problem that could cause the Auto tag to appear on the colour picker pod when no tracing image was loaded.
  • The default canvas is no longer made transparent after importing an image.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur in very rare situations where there was a hole in a layer of a specific size that could cause a compression problem.
ArtRage Studio & Studio Pro 3.0.6
Released 15th February, 2010
The original upload of 3.0.6 had a small problem that prevented correct operation for French, German, and Dutch users. We have uploaded a new version that will work correctly for all users. If you are using ArtRage Studio or Studio Pro in any language other than English and have already downloaded 3.0.6, please download it again. Windows users will need to uninstall the previous installation of 3.0.6 before installing the new one. OS X users can just install the new one over the old one. Changes
  • Pod Hiding:¬†Unwanted pods can now be hidden using the Pods menu in the View Menu. Tool, Menu and Colour pods can’t be hidden but all others can.
  • Photoshop Brush Head Import:¬†Using the menu on the Presets Panel when the Sticker Spray is selected you can now import brushes from most Photoshop ‘.abr’ files. When you select the Import Photoshop Brush option you are given the option of selecting an ‘.abr’ file to import from. When you have selected the file you are presented with a list of available brushes. Select brush heads from the list (Shift-click to multiselect blocks, Ctrl/Cmd click to select single additional items, Ctrl/Cmd-A to select all, Ctrl/Cmd-D to deselect all). When you click OK, a preset is generated for each brush head in the current category of sticker spray presets. You can the edit the variants as you need to create the desired effect.
  • Please note:¬†Some abr files use procedural brush heads that we are currently unable to read.
  • Non-Paintable Warning:¬†When you attempt to use a tool on a layer that cannot support (eg. knife tool on a text layer) a warning icon appears.
  • JPEG Export Quality:¬†The export quality used by the app for JPEGs can now be set in the Export settings of the Preferences panel. Future implementations should allow it to be set on each export but this is a reasonable first step.
  • Right Clicking Pods:¬†Right clicking a pod now triggers the same event as Click and Hold, which allows people who have Click and Hold -> Right Click helpers to use the pods properly.
  • Photoshop Filter Support:¬†Thanks to assistance from users having problems with specific filter sets, and support from the authors of those filters, we have improved general support for Photoshop Filters and the application should now work with a wider range.
  • Corner roundels now position themselves correctly when they reappear if they are hidden by Clear Canvas when the window resizes.
  • Removed the ‘Register’ option from the Help Menu in the Studio Pro demo.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent layer stack updates when the transform tool was used to select a layer.
  • Fixed a bug that caused spaces to appear after accented characters in a text layer after the file had been saved and reloaded.
  • Prevented the palette knife tool generating a new layer when used on a text layer.
  • Fixed a bug that caused file extensions to capitalise on OSX during export.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Ink Services toggle to always appear ON when accessing the settings panel, even if it was actually turned off.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Page Up and Page Down from persisting in keyboard shortcuts.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Okaying the Preferences Panel to prompt for restart even when nothing had been changed.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause odd behaviours when double clicking using a stylus double click rocker button on OSX. The previous system could make it look as if the application had locked up due to multiple dialogs attempting to open.
  • Fixed a bug that could crash ArtRage when duplicating a group that contained text layers.
  • Fixed the HLS variants of the Hair Brush sticker spray preset.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the canvas updating when importing an image while the text tool is selected.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur on closing the sticker sheet creator with 0 selected for columns and rows.
  • Removed *.* file type from Save As dialogues. As part of this, fixed a crash that could occur when saving a file as *.* in the Save dialog.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when opening the Edit Menu when filters that had certain characters in their name ( for example) had been added to the list of filters to scan.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause ArtRage to crash when running certain filters twice.
  • Fixed an update bug that caused the Presets, Settings and Tool Picker panels to display the wrong settings if the current tool was changed via a shortcut key while in Clear Canvas mode.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented NikSoftware Viviza Photoshop Plugins working (many thanks to NikSoftware for their fantastic feedback and assistance!). The fixes we applied should also work for a range of other filters.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when undoing and redoing the hiding of a group in the layer stack.
  • Improved support for Wacom Bamboo Touch gesture operations on OS X and are working with Wacom to ensure that their next driver update contains additional information that will improve gesture processing on both platforms.
  • Fixed a problem that could sometimes cause panels to appear off-screen in OS X 10.4.


ArtRage Studio/Studio Pro 3.0.5
Released 24th December, 2009
  • Fixed a bug that prevented strokes being completed on mouse up on some Tablet PC devices with older drivers or specific hardware configurations.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when switching off ink-services in the ArtRage preferences panel for some hardware configurations.
  • Fixed a problem that could cause a dark blob of paint at the start of each paint stroke for some users with specific tablet configurations.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented layers above 0 being selected on G4/G5 Macs.
  • Fixed a crash bug that would occur after holding down H or V for some time doing a quick mirror.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented pasting data from external applications on OSX 10.6 and in some cases 10.5.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the default shortcuts for Select Next Layer (Ctrl Up) and Select Previous Layer (Ctrl Down) working.
  • Fixed a bug in JPEG compression quality settings on Windows that caused JPEG files to be overcompressed on export.
  • Fixed a bug that could transparency on base layers to be lost when exporting to PSD.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented pressure adjustment through keyboard shortcuts (Up/Down keys) updating the brush size proxy in the tool picker.
  • Fixed a bug that caused clicking in the titlebar of the settings panel to deselect the currently selected preset if there was one.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the palette knife storing Drip Spread and Falloff values in its presets.
  • The ArtRage Window now titles itself based on the painting name.
  • Shift + Character shortcuts now work on OSX.
  • Added all Snap Art 2 filters to the Photoshop filter exclusion list.
Shortcut Key Changes Note: See all ArtRage Studio/Studio Pro shortcut keys The shortcut keys for changing tool size and current tool pressure values have been shifted to the customisable shortcuts system. The old keys were:
  • Tool Size: Left/Right arrow for -/+1% size, Shift + Left/Right arrow for -/+10% size.
  • Tool Pressure: Up/Down arrow for +/-1% pressure, Shift + Up/Down arrow for +/-10% pressure.
These keys can now be customised in the Tools section of the shortcut panel. Because the old keys have been removed you will either need to reset your shortcuts to default or add those keys in manually using the shortcuts panel from the Edit menu.

ArtRage Studio & Studio Pro Released 14 December, 2009