How to access iPad paintings with iTunes

Category: How To Use ArtRage Mobile Editions

Access iPad paintings

You can find your ArtRage files in iTunes by accessing the app directly through iTunes.
    1. Launch iTunes.
    1. Connect your iPad to your computer with the USB dock cable.
    1. Select your iPad from the Devices list in the iTunes Library column, then click the Apps tab.
    1. Now scroll to the bottom of the iTunes window to see the File Sharing area.
    1. Select ‘ArtRage’. You will see a list of files appear in the right hand window. You can transfer files in and out of this folder.
    1. Your ‘Exported to iTunes’ files will appear in the list as JPEG or PNG versions.
    • iTunes is currently the only way to add PTG files to the iPad.
    • “Export to iTunes” simply creates a PNG or JPEG copy that you can access via iTunes, it does not actually ‘send’ it anywhere.
    • There is a diagram of the various export options here: Exportable File Types from ArtRage for iPad