How to import photos into ArtRage for iPad

Category: How To Use ArtRage Mobile Editions
There are three different ways to import a photograph as paint to work on directly in the iPad app. 1. Start a new painting from an imported photo. To do this, go to the Gallery view, click the ‘+’ symbol in the top right, and choose ‘Import Image’. This will automatically create a new image as close to the size of the imported image that ArtRage supports (the max sizenis 2048×2048). 2. Import a photo into a layer in your current painting. Open the Layers menu, and tap the cog symbol right at the top (the one for ALL layers). Choose ‘Import Layer’. 3. Copy/paste from the iOS clipboard. If you have copy an image to the iOS clipboard elsewhere (e.g. if you tap the ‘upload’ arrow on a photo in thengallery, one of the options is ‘Copy’), you can then Paste it as a new layer in ArtRage. This is in the same place as ‘Import Layer’ – open Layers > tap the cog symbol at the top > choose ‘Paste from iOS Clipboard’.

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