2015 Pogo Art Contest

2015 pogo art contest

This contest was open July 13th to Aug 31st (It is now closed).
Artists must be 15 or older.

To enter, upload your artwork on the Pogo Art Contest website.

You can follow contest updates on Twitter under the hashtag #PogoArtContest.

Pogo Stylus Art Contest

Get creative with your artwork, show it off and win some great prizes! The Pogo Stylus is a pressure sensitive bluetooth stylus for the iPad, developed by TenOne Design. This art contest is for any iPad users using the Pogo stylus, and is sponsored by us – Ambient Design (along with other companies). The TenOne Pogo Stylus is fully supported by the ArtRage for iPad app.

You retain the right to your artwork, winners get their masterpiece displayed, but you’ll always be credited as artist.

Ten One Design Pogo Connect B1 and B2 Two Tip Pack for iPad/iPhone (T1-PCBT-100)

Did you know?

The Pogo stylus now works with awesome interchangeable brush tips, including a recent one designed by Sensu (Sensu are the company behind this lovely, but non-pressure sensitive, stylus).