Drawing and Painting on the iPad by Diana Seidl

Drawing and Painting on the iPad by Diana Seidl

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A comprehensive guide for iPad artists


We’re pleased to announce the release of Drawing and Painting on the iPad by Diana Seidl, a dedicated ‘how to paint’ book focusing on ArtRage for iPad. It is available both as a physical book and as a digital download for the Kindle or via iTunes.

Drawing and Painting on the iPad starts out covering the basics for true beginners to the world of iPads, explaining how to pick out your first iPad and stylus, and navigate to your first drawing apps, before moving on to focus on how to actually draw on the iPad with an introductory lesson on the Zen Brush App. The remaining chapters focus on ArtRage for iPad (version 1.6), covering the wide range of tool settings along with lessons in composition, colour choice, and artistic theory.

Along with tutorials on how to compose and create artworks, it also covers detailed tool settings, tips and techniques for ArtRage and other iPad art apps, as well as including a variety of art from different iPad artists.

ipad digital painting book contents2
The tutorials start out basic, walking you through exploring individual tools


  • Guide to the artistic toolbox – using effects such as drawing with pencil, painting in oils, working with watercolour, using felt tip pens and wax crayons, and much more – all on your lap without fuss or mess

  • Clear graded exercises explain how to make pictures using the ArtRage app, starting with simple mark-making and graduating to more complicated projects with layers and imported photographs

  • Chapters cover taking and editing photographs, printing your images on a domestic printer, framing and selling your prints

  • Step-by-step examples demonstrate a range of fine art genres including portrait, landscape, flowers, still-life and abstract compositions

  • Emphasis is given to artistic techniques that can be applied to different painting apps and other software

Example Pages

Take a sneak peek at some of the book’s contents!

drawing and painting on the ipad diana seidl cloudy landscape
“Cloudy Landscape” by Margaret Gill uses the Pencil and Airbrush tools in ArtRage
drawing and painting on the ipad diana seidl flowers and oranges
“Flowers and Oranges”, an ArtRage still life by Janet Phillips.
drawing and painting on the ipad diana seidl still life
Part one of a Still Life tutorial shows you how to compose and draw from life.
drawing and painting on the ipad diana seidl still life2
Part two of this Still Life tutorial walks you through the first sketches.


While it was based on ArtRage for iPad 1.6, rather than our just-released version 2.0, most of the tutorials still apply (the only significant changes are updates to the interface. The gallery looks different and has more options now, but you can still do everything the book explains how to do!).

Disclaimer: While Ambient Design staff did consult on the book, we aren’t affiliated with the writer or publishers.

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