ArtRage at the IAMDA Mobile Art Con

IAMDA Mobile Art Con

ArtRage 3.5 Now With Recording, Playback and Scripting

ArtRage is on show at the 2011 IAMDA MobileArtCon in New York. Find out about the professional digital painting tool for everyone.

Major new ArtRage Studio and Studio Pro 3.5 Features:

Recording/Playback: ArtRage now allows Recording and Playback of paintings and automates repetitive tasks. It records the painting as it happens, to play back later at original or accelerated speeds with the option of changing resolutions, reproducing the actual strokes that made up the painting dynamically for the viewer.

Create Tutorials: Record your art for posterity and create tutorials with annotations explaining techniques, to share the process of painting. Add Note Bubbles and Spotlights that draw the viewer’s attention to areas of the canvas during playback. Create tutorials to share your knowledge, explaining why you’re using a certain technique or tool.

Share Content: The ArtRage Package File system makes the process of sharing custom content, like stickers, presets and stencils, easy. The Package system lets you gather together as many custom resources as you like and compress them into an easy to use data file that can be shared with other users and installed with a double click.

Painting Tool Improvements:
• Loaded Palette Knife: Load paint on to the Palette Knife before using to create smooth strokes. Includes precise angle control of the Knife edge to create uniform strokes without worrying about how you are holding the stylus, blending as you go.
• Airbrush Control: Control airbrush fall-off sharpness to create hard-edged strokes, and control nozzle drips to create spattered paint effects.
• Hard-Tipped Tools: Pencils, Crayons, and Chalks have improved pressure curves to allow more expressive strokes on the canvas with stylus pressure devices like Wacom tablets and tabletPCs.
• Improved Tablet Support: Uses Microsoft’s Realtime Stylus system for wider support of pen and touch input devices.

Improved Color Blending: Oil Paint and Watercolor blends faster and even more realistically.

Mutli-Threading Speed Improvements: Users of multiprocessor or multi-core computers will see substantial speed increases. Multi-threading support has been added to the tools and many of the processor intensive functions for increased speed for multi-core CPUs.

Scripting & Sharing: Scripts recorded in ArtRage can be edited manually. You can change the color of a single stroke or the tools used — almost every aspect of ArtRage can be controlled via written commands, including paint strokes, transformations, settings, built-in filtering and more. Scripts can also be shared to teach and show techniques — something that sharing basic content doesn’t do.