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Paint Symmetry

ArtRage Paint Symmetry The Paint Symmetry system automatically creates mirrored strokes on the canvas as you paint, and allows control over properties such as how many mirrors are created and the center point of symmetry. Paint Symmetry can be activated and controlled from the Paint Symmetry menu in the Tools Menu. When Symmetry is turned on any stroke you make on the canvas will be mirrored in other positions based on the settings you have selected. There are two important settings that define how this works:Number of Segments: This ...

Gradient Fill

Gradients in ArtRage Any system in ArtRage that makes use of Gradients allows you to either select an existing one from the Gradient Collection, or create a new one using the Gradient Editor.What are Gradients? Gradients are automatically generated color progressions that blend between individual color points over a distance. For example, a Black to White gradient starts of black and over the length defined for its creation becomes white in a smooth blend. Gradients in ArtRage can contain as many colors as you like, and can also blend between ...
grid lion artrage


Add Grids to Canvas and Reference ImagesNote: Screenshots are from ArtRage 4.5. Accessing the Grid The Grid menu can be opened from the crosshatch symbol that can be found in the top row of buttons or by going to View > Grids.ArtRage 4.5 menu from Windows versionThis will bring up the Grid menu. All the menu settings can be changed as you paint.You can also open the Grid, or quickly toggle the Grid visibility and the Snap To Grid setting by going ...
Default RGB color mixing versus ArtRage's Real Color Blending

Setting Up Custom Color Palettes

Create and Save Color Palettes ArtRage offers multiple ways to import and mix up colors, to create temporary or permanent color palettes. From an on the spot Color Sampler tool, to exportable custom Sample collections, there is a flexible range of options to suit all artists. Note: This guide was created in ArtRage 4, so your version may look slightly different or offer different options. Color Picking The easiest way to 'grab' a color is to use the Color Sampler tool, or the alt+click shortcut ...

ArtRage 4 Full Manual

Everything in this section is also available as a PDF on your computer, by opening ArtRage and going to Help > ArtRage Manual. This guide is specifically for ArtRage 4, so it includes additional tools and features (such as Symmetry and Grids). Some of the menus and screenshots will also be different to the other editions, even if the tools are the same. Some sections have been updated and moved for ArtRage 5. You can find the original pages by following the ...
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