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The Ink Pen Tool Settings

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ink pen tool iconThe Ink Pen

The Ink Pen in ArtRage is a purely digital, very customisable, inking tool that can be used for line work, writing, and colouring. It is found in every mobile and desktop edition of ArtRage, except for ArtRage 2.

The ink pen is not affected by paper texture or canvas lighting.

It will not mix as you draw over other media, such as oils and watercolours, and they in turn will not affect the ink if you paint over the lines.

ink pen tool settings texture mixingnotext small

The Ink Pen Settings

Note: Video is in ArtRage 5, screenshots on this page are from ArtRage 4

ink pen tool settings menu

Ink Pen Settings can be divided into three kinds of effects. You can combine these in different ways to create a wide variety of lines.

Note: The settings below are from ArtRage 4. Older editions and mobile apps will have many, but not all, of these options



Shape controls the type of nib you are using and the shape of the line it creates.

  • Aspect
  • Square head

Drawing Method

Drawing method affect the way you draw the line – how smoothly, how you angle the pen, how you vary pressure.

  • Pressure
  • Rotation
  • Taper Bias
  • Taper Length
  • Smoothing

Ink Appearance

Ink appearance affect how the ink itself looks – whether it’s translucent or pixelated at the edges.

  • Opacity
  • Anti-Alias Edge

The Settings are explained in detail below in order of appearance in the Settings menu.


Pressure is how hard you are pressing the pen by default. You can then vary this with the actual pressure you are using with the stylus.

ink pen tool settings pressure notext small

  • 0% and 100% do not let you vary the pressure and will create consistent lines
  • 50% gives you the widest range of pressure as you can press harder and lighter.


Aspect is the shape of the ink pen nib (or the position you’re holding it in – same result in digital). You can change the appearance from flattened to completely round to get the exact effect you need for inking lines, calligraphy or general drawing.

ink pen tool settings aspect notext.jpg small

  • 100% Aspect (the same on all sides) is best for a consistent line or for colouring larger areas.
  • 0-50% is great for fancy linework and variable shadows.
  • Combine Aspect with Rotation to get exactly the result you want.


Rotation controls the angle you are holding the pen at. Use rotation to set the correct angle for line work. This can be good for line art with shadows or calligraphy.

ink pen tool settings rotation notext.jpg small
  • It only shows up with Aspect less than 100% (because rotating a perfectly round object does nothing). 
  • 0% and 100% are straight up and down, and 50% is straight across. 
  • 25% and 75% angle more subtly, so the effect is easier to miss.
  • Experiment with Aspect and Square Head at the same time to get the effect you want.


Opacity is how solid or translucent the ink is.

ink pen tool settings opacity notext small
  • 0% is invisible!
  • Lower opacity lets you layer colours and build up to exactly the effects you want. 
  • Don’t forget that paint will show through from the layers below.


Smoothing is the line stabilising setting that autosmoothes your lines as you draw. 

ink pen settings smoothing no text small

  • Smoothing kicks in *after* you draw the line and lift your pen
  • Different size strokes will need different levels of smoothing
  • Use smoothing to help you neatly ink lines, and hide ‘wobble’ from your hand
  • Smoothing will round out sharp corners

Taper Length and Taper Bias

Taper tells your line to taper off smoothly from full size/pressure to a thin point. It has two different properties that you can tweak: Length and Bias

ink pen tool settings taper

  • Taper Length controls how long the ‘tail’ is, and how steeply it drops off in size. Length uses the available pressure settings to calculate the ‘drop off’ (how thin the taper gets). Nothing will happen with 0% or 100% Pressure.
  • Taper Bias controls which direction it’s biased in, so you can control whether it tapers off more towards the beginning or the end of your stroke.
  • Combine Length and Bias to calculate the exact shape of the taper.
  • (Note: Taper Bias isn’t in the mobile apps, so it defaults to being the same as 50% bias). 

Square Head

Square Head literally toggles on a square head for the nib, instead of a round one.

ink pen settings square head no text small

Combine it with Aspect to get different nib shapes.

Antialias Edge

Antialias Edge toggles antialiasing off and on. Antialiasing is the edge smoothing effect that blends out the sharp pixel edges you would normally get with any digital line (think MSPaint!).

ink pen tool settings antialias edge notext small

You would turn Anti-alias Edge off if you wanted a very pixelated edge, or you needed to fill the area inside without the smoothing getting in the way and creating little white unfilled areas along the edge (this is usually only noticeable if you are zoomed in close/working with small canvases – we’re talking *pixel sized edges* here!).

ink pen tool settings antialias edge fill notext small

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