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artrage 5 layer effects

Layer Effects

Add Shadows, Glow, Emboss & Cutout with Layer EffectsThe Layer Effects in ArtRage 5 let you add highlights, shadows, and 3D effects to individual layers. You can customize the properties of each effect, combine them, and even load custom textures.Watch the Video! This ten minute video tutorial will demonstrate the different effects you can get and explain the menus. The layer effects are also explained below if you prefer to just keep reading. Different Layer Effects The different layer effects are Shadow, Cutout, ...


One & Two Point PerspectiveThe Perspective feature in ArtRage 5 lets you add one or two point perspective, and create your own customized perspective layouts. You can customize the individual lines and planes, add or remove any line or section, create complicated skyscrapers or simple landscapes. Perspective also acts as a drawing guide, helping you draw straight lines with the 'Snap To Perspective' feature and adjust the proportions of your art with the 'Scale to Perspective' option in Transform Mode. Click video above ...
Guides African girl portrait square screenshot ArtRage 5


Use Guides as Horizontal and Vertical Ruler LinesGuides allow you to easily add straight lines vertically and horizontally on your canvas as reference lines or as drawing guides in ArtRage 5.Guides are useful for planning out composition (rule of thirds, spacing, measuring across to make sure details are lined up), drawing straight lines, and placing transformed objects.Adding GuidesYou can quickly add new Guides using the three little buttons in the top left of the canvas. You can add either a single ...
artrage 5 solid fill tool settings

Solid Fill Settings

Use Solid Fill to Fill Areas with a Single Color This page provides an overview of the Solid Fill ('paint bucket') tool, which will flood an area of canvas with a single solid color. Solid Fill is the default mode for the Fill tool, the other two modes are Gradient Fill and Pattern Fill. Border, Gap Tolerance and Slow Motion are all new features in ArtRage 5.Solid Fill Tool Settings Blend Mode: You can set a blend mode for the paint that is applied ...
artrage 5 interface quick start guide

ArtRage 5 Quick Start Guide

This guide is included in your copy of ArtRage 5 under Help > ArtRage Manual.How to Paint in ArtRage: Select a tool on the left, select a color on the right, then click and drag in the central canvas area to paint. How to Save your Painting: Select Save Painting in the File Menu at the top to save a painting file. How to Export your Painting: Select 'Export Image As' in the File menu ...
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