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Japanese Resources & Tutorials (日本語リソースとチュートリアル)

Japanese Resources and Tutorials for ArtRage (ArtRageの日本語リソースとチュートリアル) We apologise for any translation errors on this page. このページの翻訳エラーについてお詫び申し上げます。All known Japanese manuals, translations, resources, and tutorials are listed here. We appreciate our Japanese users and our interface designer is strongly inspired by Japanese design and culture. Unfortunately, the ArtRage staff do not speak Japanese so we are unable to create many additional helpful resources for Japanese users. We have linked to Japanese language tutorials created by artists and hope that they are helpful.Official Software ...
japanese manual help menu artrage 5

Non-English Resources

Multilingual & Translated Resources for ArtRageIf you need resources, manuals, presets, and tutorials in a language other than English, we have tried to collect links and create resources in other languages as much as possible. We hope the links below help you to enjoy and understand ArtRage.Software Interface Support The ArtRage apps and software support multiple languages. They will detect the default operating system language when installing, and you can change the active lanuage from the help menu at any time. ...