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Non-English Resources

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Multilingual & Translated Resources for ArtRage

If you need resources, manuals, presets, and tutorials in a language other than English, we have tried to collect links and create resources in other languages as much as possible. We hope the links below help you to enjoy and understand ArtRage.

Software Interface Support

The ArtRage apps and software support multiple languages. They will detect the default operating system language when installing, and you can change the active lanuage from the help menu at any time. See here for a list of all supported languages for all editions: What languages does ArtRage support?

Official Manuals

Manuals are available for various languages, but the supported languages vary by edition. ArtRage Lite and ArtRage 5 include quick start manuals for all supported languages. These are included in your program, so you do not need to download them again. You can also download the ArtRage 5 demo, which comes with the ArtRage 5 quick start manuals.

See the Download ArtRage Manuals page to download manuals from older editions in your language.

Featured Artists:

We occasionally are able to publish an interview with an artist in their own language. Multilingual interviews include an English translation and their original answers. Visit the featured artist page and browse the links to find features in your language, or artists from your country.

You can find features in these languages: German | Norwegian | Portugese | Russian | Spanish | Swedish

Translated Manuals and Tutorials

Tutorials and resources created by third party users (ArtRage artists and other companies) are listed on the guide for each language.

YouTube Videos

ArtRage videos created in other languages are collected in playlists on the official ArtRage YouTube channel. These are usually created by ArtRage artists, and we have no control over the quality or whether they remain online. Go here to browse for your language.