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Japanese Resources & Tutorials (日本語リソースとチュートリアル)

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Japanese Resources and Tutorials for ArtRage (ArtRageの日本語リソースとチュートリアル)

We apologise for any translation errors on this page. このページの翻訳エラーについてお詫び申し上げます。

All known Japanese manuals, translations, resources, and tutorials are listed here. We appreciate our Japanese users and our interface designer is strongly inspired by Japanese design and culture. Unfortunately, the ArtRage staff do not speak Japanese so we are unable to create many additional helpful resources for Japanese users. We have linked to Japanese language tutorials created by artists and hope that they are helpful.

Official Software and Manuals (公式のソフトウェアとマニュアル)

Japanese Software (日本語ソフトウェア)

The following editions of ArtRage support Japanese language menus and interface:

  • ArtRage 5
  • ArtRage Lite
  • ArtRage 4
  • ArtRage 3 Studio Pro
  • ArtRage 3 Studio
  • ArtRage 2 Japanese Edition
  • ArtRage for Android
  • ArtRage for iPad

Official Manuals (公式マニュアル)

japanese manual help menu artrage 5
Go to Help > ArtRage Manual to open the PDF guide.

Japanese language manuals are only available for ArtRage Lite, ArtRage 5 and ArtRage for Android. These are available inside the program. ArtRage will automatically load the manual in the current language. You can change the language at any time.

  • Desktop: Go to Help > ArtRage Manual
  • Android: Go to the menu > Help

Click to download (クリックしてダウンロードする):

Official Manuals and Tutorials Translated (翻訳されたマニュアルとチュートリアル)

The best resource for Japanese ArtRage artists is tiisanaoekaki.net: This user has created translated versions of ArtRage manuals as downloadable PDF files. They also create original tutorials.

More Resources (その他のリソース)

These links lead to additional videos, manuals and tutorials in Japanese created by ArtRage users. They are not official resources, but may be helpful.