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ArtRage Mobile Apps for Android and iOS

ArtRage is currently available as a mobile app for Android and iOS. The apps include a full range of real media painting tools, and allow you to sketch and paint while commuting, or in the field. The paintings are full compatible with all other editions of ArtRage, allowing you to finish your work at leisure on the desktop edition.

The old ArtRage for iOS app for iPhones and iPod Touch has been discontinued and replaced by the universal iPad app. The Windows 8 Modern app ‘ArtRage Touch’ has also been discontinued with the release of Windows 10, as the desktop software will perform more reliably and offers a wider range of features.

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Buy ArtRage for Android

Get it on Google Play

ArtRage for Android is available from the Google Play Store, Amazon, and GALAXY Apps. It is included free in the GALAXY Gifts program on Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Note 4, Tab A 9.7″ with S-Pen, Tab A 9.7″ and Tab A 8″ devices. It includes the full range of painting tools, textured canvas presets, unlimited undo, and basic digital editing tools. It also includes palm rejection and tilt support with supported styluses. Requires Android 4.0 and up. Minimum Resolution: 320 density pixels. Languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Vietnamese, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional).

ArtRage Touch

ArtRage Touch was available through the Windows Store for Windows 8 touchscreen devices.

ArtRage for iOS

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ArtRage for iOS is available from iTunes. This app features a full range of painting tools, canvas and paper presets, the ability to customise and save advanced tool settings and record scripts of your painting process. Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.0 or later on iPad, iOS10+ for the universal app. Supports the Apple Pencil and 3D Touch. Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish

ArtRage for iPhone

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ArtRage for iPhone is now discontinued (replaced with cross-platform “ArtRage for iOS“). It included eight real media painting tools, a range of canvas and tool presets and ArtRage’s unique paint mixing. Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPad Pro and iPod touch. Languages: English

Drawing & Painting Tools iPhone iOS Android (Free) Android Touch (Win8)
Real Media Artist Tools
Oil Brush
Real Media Artist Tools
Pencil, Palette Knife, Paint Tube, Color Sampler, Crayon, Eraser
Watercolor, Chalk, Paint Roller, Marker Pen, Inking Pen
‘Gloop’ Pen, Glitter Tube
Digital Drawing & Editing Tools
Flood Fill
Transformation Tool
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Canvases & Paper iPhone iOS Android (Free) Android Touch (Win8)
Realistic canvas and paper textures
Default Canvas Presets 
Editable Canvas grain texture, color, opacity and metallics
Create and save custom canvas appearance and size presets
Transparent background support
Maximum canvas size 960 x 640 2048 x 2048
(iPad 1.0 1400×1400)
Screen size 2048 x 2048 2048 x 2048
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Reference & Tracing Image iPhone iOS Android (Free) Android Touch (Win8)
Tracing Images
Add scalable tracing image
Adjust opacity
Automatically choose colors from Tracing image.
Scale Options: Stretch to Fit, Fit Inside, Fit to Fill
Scale Options: Tile to Fit, Manual Scale
Convert Tracing Image to Paint
Move tracing image on canvas
Reference Images
Multiple pinnable reference images, can be moved, rotated and scaled
Make Reference a Tracing Image
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Layers iPhone iOS Android (Free) Android Touch (Win8)
Basic Layer Management
Move, delete, hide & duplicate layers
Merge all or individual Layers
Unlimited Layers
Layer transparency
Layer Transformations
Linear Transform (Scale, Rotate, and Move Layer Contents)
Non-Linear Transform (Stretch Layer Contents)
Layer Blend Modes
Full range of ArtRage & Photoshop standard layer blend modes
Watercolor Blend Mode
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Saving & File Sharing iPhone iOS Android (Free) Android Touch (Win8)
Saving & Export
Saves as PTG by default to preserve unique ArtRage paint data. 
Import & Export PNG, JPEG
Export to Photos App & email
Share files via file transfer (directly or through iTunes)
JPEG only
Export individual Layers
Copy/paste from clipboard
Transparent PNG support
Export all images or scripts in a group at once
Export images to supported apps (e.g. Creative Cloud, DropBox, deviantArt Sta.sh, Facebook & DropBox)
Record paintings as Script Files (which can be played back in the desktop editions)
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UI & Interaction iPhone iOS Android (Free) Android Touch (Win8)
Interface & Menus
Simple, easy to access user interface
Built in quick reference and basic help files:
Rotate paintings in the Gallery
UI menus and pods can be hidden as required
Create gallery folders
Browse gallery in thumbnail or fullview modes
Shortcuts & Multitouch
Multi-Touch support: For canvas & object manipulation. 
Gestures to resize tools, undo/redo, zoom and move
Unlimited Undo/Redo
Canvas Rotation
Canvas rotation
Lock canvas rotation to 15° increments
Support for supported pressure sensitive styluses
Full support for Wacom, Adobe, Adonit and Pogo Connect Bluetooth styluses
Full support for the Apple Pencil
Support for S-Pen Stylus Tilt
Palm rejection/Stylus-only mode
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Color iPhone iOS Android (Free) Android Touch (Win8)
Color Modes
Metallic Paint
Color Pickers
Picker Modes: HL/S, HS/L, L/SH
Picker Modes: RG/B, RB/G, BG/R
Tint/Tone Picker
Precise Color Picker
Color Samples
Color Swatch Sorting by Name and Color Values
Tap and Hold Color Sampling
Global color samples
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OS Support iPhone iOS Android (Free) Android Touch (Win8)
Operating System
iOS 8.0+
(ArtRage 1.6 will run on iOS 7.0+)
iOS 6.0+ Android 4.0+ Android 4.0+ Win 8 Modern
Win 10
Multi-Core & Multiprocessor Support
64-Bit Support
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