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Previous Desktop Editions

ArtRage 2, ArtRage 3 (Studio / Studio Pro), and ArtRage 4 are previous editions of our desktop painting software for Windows and Mac OSX. These have now been discontinued, but may still be found bundled with some hardware (e.g. Wacom graphics tablets).

If you own any of these earlier editions, you can upgrade to ArtRage 5 at a 50% discount.

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ArtRage Upgrade

Upgrade ArtRage

Existing owners of previous desktop editions of ArtRage 2, ArtRage 3 (Studio & Studio Pro), or ArtRage 4 may be eligible for a 50% discount when upgrading to ArtRage 5.

Drawing & Painting Tools ArtRage 2 ArtRage 3: Studio ArtRage 3: Studio Pro ArtRage 4.5
Real Media Artist Tools
Oil Brush, Pencil, Palette Knife, Paint Tube, Color Sampler, Crayon, Eraser, Chalk, Paint Roller, Marker Pen, Glitter Tube
Watercolor, ‘Gloop’ Pen, Inking Pen
Digital Drawing & Editing Tools
Flood Fill, Cloner, Sticker Spray, Selection Tool, Transformation Tool, Text Tool
Cloner, Gradient Fill, Pattern Fill
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Canvases & Paper ArtRage 2 ArtRage 3: Studio ArtRage 3: Studio Pro ArtRage 4.5
Realistic canvas and paper textures
User Definable Canvas Presets 
Default Canvas Presets 
Import custom canvas grains 
Set custom Canvas as Default
Canvas Patterns – Image based canvas color with tiling options.
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Drawing Guides & References ArtRage 2 ArtRage 3: Studio ArtRage 3: Studio Pro ArtRage 4.5
Tracing Images
Add scalable tracing image
Adjust opacity and location
Automatically choose colors from Tracing image.
Convert Tracing Image to Paint
Scale Options: Tile to Fit, Manual Scale, Stretch to Fit, Fit Inside, Fit to Fill
Reference Images
Multiple pinnable reference images, can be moved, rotated and scaled
Zoom in on part of reference image
Make Reference a Tracing Image
Drag References off the canvas window

Pin Scraps to the canvas: Independent pieces of canvas for color mixing or test painting.

Pin Views to the canvas: Viewports that can be independently zoomed and panned for alternative views in to the canvas.
Adjustable opacity and colour
Snap To Grid feature
Customisable pixel size
Grids on References
Paint Symmetry
Symmetrical stroke mirroring of tools during painting
Mirrored or Rotational Symmetry 
Adjustable numbers of axes of symmetry, center point, and rotation
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Advanced Custom Resources ArtRage 2 ArtRage 3: Studio ArtRage 3: Studio Pro ArtRage 4.5
Package Files
(Custom resource packs of ArtRage presets, canvases and other custom resources)

Install Package Files
Repair and Uninstall Package Files
Edit and Delete Custom Content inside Artrage:
Create Package Files
Sticker Sheets
(Individual pre-made images that can be applied and positioned on their own layers)

Allowing single pre-rendered ‘clip art’ stickers to be dropped in to the painting

Move, Resize, Rotate Single Stickers  Adjust sticker properties: Color, Opacity, Shadow 

Import existing sticker presets (.stk files) 

Default Preset Groups with a variety of readymade stickers
Sticker Sheet Creator 
Sticker Spray
(Custom brush spray based on Stickers)

Sticker Sheet Selection 
Spray Rate 
Photoshop .abr brush head file import
Auto-Flatten (Micro-Layer, post spray editable objects), 
Advanced Shadow Settings
Spray Variation control (advanced custom brush settings)
Variation Symmetry (uses Symmetry feature) 
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Layers ArtRage 2 ArtRage 3: Studio ArtRage 3: Studio Pro ArtRage 4.5
Basic Layer Management
Move, delete, hide & duplicate layers
Merge all or individual Layers
Layer transparency
Layer Groups with Group management
Layer Transformations
Linear Transform (Scale, Rotate, and Move Layer Contents)
Non-Linear and Perspective Layer Transformations
Layer Locks
Lock Paint
Lock Transparency
Lock Position
Layer Export
Export individual layers
Create Stencils from layer contents
Export Layers to Channel Maps for external 3D use
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Filters & Blend Modes ArtRage 2 ArtRage 3: Studio ArtRage 3: Studio Pro ArtRage 4.5
Image Filters
Color Adjustment
PSD Filter Support
Layer Blend Modes
Full range of ArtRage & Photoshop standard layer blend modes
Bump Blend Modes (3D paint texture effects)
Watercolor Blend Mode
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Saving, Importing & Exporting ArtRage 2 ArtRage 3: Studio ArtRage 3: Studio Pro ArtRage 4.5
Saving & Export
Saves as PTG by default to preserve unique ArtRage paint data. 
Import & Export PNG, BMP, JPEG, TIFF, GIF
Import & Export PSD with layer and blend mode support.
DPI Support
Import Image File to Layer
Support for Photoshop editable text files
Photoshop .abr brush head file import to Sticker Spray
JPEG Quality Control 
Automatic creation of Backup Files when you save.
Play Back Scripts at any resolution
Record paintings as Script Files:
Annotate Scripts during recording
Play back handwritten script language files:
Define script playback resolution in screen or print units:
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UI & Interaction ArtRage 2 ArtRage 3: Studio ArtRage 3: Studio Pro ArtRage 4.5
Interface & Menus
Simple, easy to access user interface
UI menus and pods can be hidden as required
Quick access control: Pods.
Stencils and Rulers on the canvas
Floating panels for: Layers, Tool Settings, Presets, Swatches, Tracing Images, References, Stickers , and Stencils.
Adjustable Scale and Rotation of floating panel objects for ease of access on touch screens or smaller desktops.
Tear-Off and move anywhere: Color Picker, Tool Picker, and Menu Bar 
Canvas Navigator
Font Picker Previews: Scroll through previews of selected fonts
Workbench Mode: Clear-screen interface mode that hides all panels and presents a collapsed, customisable quick access bar with all the important features.
Shortcuts & Multitouch
Default shortcuts for all commonly used tools and features
Unlimited Undo/Redo
User defined keyboard shortcuts 
Modifer keys for straight line stroke constraints, on-canvas brush resizing, canvas navigation, stencil manipulation. 
Multi-Touch support: For canvas & object manipulation. 
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Color ArtRage 2 ArtRage 3: Studio ArtRage 3: Studio Pro ArtRage 4.5
Color Modes
Metallic Paint
Real Color Blending (Yellow+Blue = Green)
Color Pickers
Picker Modes: HL/S, HS/L, RG/B, RB/G, BG/R
User Definable Custom Color Pickers
Precise Color Picker
Popup On-Canvas Color Picker
Tint/Tone Picker
Color Samples
Default color sample collections 
Custom sample collection creation Local color samples stored with each painting
Global color samples
Color Sample Sorting by Name and Color Values
Add Samples to Toolbox
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Hardware Support ArtRage 2 ArtRage 3: Studio ArtRage 3: Studio Pro ArtRage 4.5
Operating System
Windows XP
Up to version 4.0.6 Only
Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10
Mac OS 10.4
Mac OS 10.5
Power PC Macs
Up to version 3.0 only Up to version 3.0 only
Mac OS 10.6 & later
Processing Power
64-Bit Support
Support for Wacom Stylus Features

Wacom Stylus Recognition: Individual styluses can be set to remember specific tool settings.

User assignable stylus properties for individual painting tools (e.g. Tool opacity linked to stylus pressure)

Assignable Airbrush Wheel & Art Pen Barrel Rotation.
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