Why am I asked to enter my Serial Number whenever I launch ArtRage on Windows?

Normally you should only need to enter your serial number the first time you launch ArtRage. However, if it happens repeatedly, this means that something is preventing ArtRage from storing its serial number information.nnLaunching ArtRage as an administrator should correct this. Browse to your version ArtRage in the start menu and right click it, then […]

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Is ArtRage supported on macOS Catalina (10.15)

Yes, ArtRage Vitae, ArtRage 6 and ArtRage 5 are supported on macOS Catalina. If you’re getting a note saying “Apple cannot open ArtRage6 because it cannot check it for malware.” you can download the latest update for ArtRage for macOS from the ArtRage members area https://members.artrage.com/ […]

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ArtRage on Steam

ArtRage 3 Studio Pro and Artrage 4 were both available for purchase via Steam. Later versions are not available for purchase on that platform but you can still download your older software from your Steam Library. Upgrading to Later Versions. We provide upgrade discounts for customers who purchased ArtRage 3 Studio Pro or ArtRage 4 […]

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