Can I share my ArtRage paintings from the iPad?

Category: How To Use ArtRage Mobile Editions

How to share paintings from the iPad

Can I transfer between the iPad and the desktop version of ArtRage? You certainly can transfer to and from the iPad. The iPad has a range of export options in three image formats (JPG, PNG, PTG).

Choose the Export menu (the small arrow in the centre of the bottom menu bar) while in the gallery view to access the options.

    1. Send to the iPad ‘My Photos’ Folder (JPG)
    1. Send to iTunes (JPG or PNG)
    1. Email it from the iPad (JPG, PNG, PTG)
    1. Upload it to the internet directly by connecting to a supported appn
        • Submit it to DeviantART (JPG)
        • Share it on Facebook (JPG)
        • Export it to online storage apps: DeviantART St.ash, Dropbox, Creative Cloud (PTG, JPG, PNG)
    1. Print Painting (your iPad will need to be connected to a printer)

If you are trying to work on a painting across both the iPad and the desktop, you have two more options:

    1. Record a Script on the iPad and play it back on the computer.n
        • You will need to start the script recording when you are creating the painting (in the canvas settings). You can only play it back on the desktop, but you can replay it as often as you need to, and stop it at any point.
        • Exporting a script will appear as an option in the Export menu if a Script is available.
    1. Transfer files in and out of the iPad using iTunes (You can move files onto the iPad as well with iTunes).
About the file types:
    • PTG is the ArtRage proprietary file type. This file will contain all the layers, depth and paint effects from your painting. You can import a different image file to work on, but it will not have layers or any of the special effects.
    • JPG is the smallest file type and the most suitable to share online. If you edit JPEGs, you will lose a small amount of quality.
    • PNG is the best file type if you wish to continue editing the painting in other programs.
There is a diagram of the various export options here: Exportable File Types for the iPad