How do I use my 32 bit Photoshop Filters with ArtRage 4.5?

32 bit Photoshop Filters

n If you have 32 Bit Photoshop filters that are 32 bit, then these won’t run in 64 bit ArtRage 4.5. However, both OS X and Windows versions have the ability to run in 32 bit mode if they need it. nn

Mac OS X

n On OS X, select the application icon and choose Get Info from the Finder’s File menu, then turn on the 32-bit Mode toggle in the info panel and the app will launch in 32 bit mode. nn


n On a Windows 64 bit system we install 2 files: ArtRage.exe which is 64 bit, and ArtRage32.exe which is 32 bit. nn To open “ArtRage32.exe”: n
  • Either locate the shortcut to ArtRage32 in the Start menu
Shortcut to ArtRage 32 Bit in the Start Menu
Shortcut to ArtRage 32 Bit in the Start Menu on Windows 7
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    • Or manually open ArtRage32.exe from the folder it is installed to. The file path is Program Files > Ambient Design > ArtRage 4 > ArtRage32.exe
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ArtRage32.exe on Windows 7
ArtRage32.exe on Windows 7

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