What you Get When you Buy ArtRage

ArtRage for Windows or macOS: When you purchase ArtRage or ArtRage Lite for Windows or macOS you receive an installer with the software product and a range of sample resources such as tool presets, sticker sheet, stencils, and more. The software you receive does not require a Subscription – once you have paid for it you can use it for as long as you want with no further payments. We provide a free download service via the ArtRage Member Area that lets you download the installer for your product again whenever you need it if you have Registered your Serial Number there. Updates to your version (for example, updating ArtRage 4.0 to 4.5) are provided free of charge, these usually include fixes for issues that appeared after release, and sometimes small feature updates. Upgrades to new versions (for example upgrading ArtRage 4 to ArtRage 5) are given an upgrade discount to make the cost of the new version cheaper. These upgrades come with major feature additions. We allow you to install ArtRage on more than one computer for your own use, so if you have a laptop and a desktop machine you can install on both from the same license. ArtRage for iOS or Android: When you purchase ArtRage for iOS or Android you receive the application and sample resources such as tool presets, downloaded from the store you used to make the purchase. The App does not require a subscription and does not contain any in-App purchases so all of the features are available for use without further purchase. If you download the Free version of ArtRage for Android (‘ArtRage Oil Painter Free’) you receive a limited feature set only, but the product does not require a purchase to use the features it provides. It does contain a ‘Purchase’ button allowing you to purchase the full version of ArtRage for Android but it does not contain advertising from other companies.