Artist Feature: Henry Salas

An Interview With An ArtRage Artist


Henry Salas is a quadriplegic artist from the USA who paints realistic portraits in the ArtRage for Android app by holding the stylus in his mouth (which is also how he answered our questions!).

ArtRage for Android art by Henry Salas

ArtRage Editions: ArtRage for Android

Platforms: Android, Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Background: Digital Art

Website: None

Who are you? What do you want the internet to know about you?

I am 25. I was born in Houston, TX and moved to California in 2009 to major in Mechanical Aviation Engineering while working with Mercedes Benz, now I am Quadriplegic since 2011. I have been drawing with a stylus that I use with my mouth on my phone for about a year.

What kind of artist are you? What kind of subjects do you draw?

I think I am a unique artist since I paint with my mouth on a mobile phone and I really like to draw portraits and try to get them as realistic possible.

Do you use other programs or traditional media?

Not at this time.

How long have you been using ArtRage?

For almost a year already.

How did you come across the program?

Going through the Google Play Store and just trying each app and ArtRage was best for me.

What ArtRage works or projects are you most proud of?

I’m most proud of the projects that I know would be very difficult to the average person and the ones that take the longest because it gives me this feeling of a big success and accomplishment… I choose what to draw by thinking who is the painting going to make smile. Sometimes I want it to be a big reminder of the blessing I have to be capable to draw like I do.

Note: Uncaptioned portraits are of Henry’s immediate family.

Henry Salas
Henry Salas
ArtRage for Android art by Henry Salas
ArtRage for Android art by Henry Salas

Why do you use ArtRage?

I use ArtRage because of how realistic the tools are with texture and there are no rulers or a lot of tools which makes it easy. It’s a challenge. Also the tools are easy to find and to select.

Where does ArtRage fit into your workflow?

I use ArtRage for entire paintings only.

How would you normally paint a picture? What is your process?

My only way to paint is with my mouth since I am quadriplegic. I use the stylus to paint every line, the only time I need assistance is when I have to zoom in on the canvas for better detail. I ask a nurse to zoom in.

Donald Trump ArtRage for Android art by Henry Salas
Donald Trump
ArtRage for Android art by Henry Salas

What are your favourite ArtRage features?

My favorite features are the airbrush and the levels you can refine your tools for preference. I also like the reference and tracing tools.

Least used?

My least used is the watercolor. I really don’t know what I can use it for.

ArtRage for Android art by Henry Salas
ArtRage for Android art by Henry Salas

Any ArtRage specific tips?

Don’t give up. Never give up. Build up consistency and practice. Look at details.

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