ArtRage 4.5 – Free Update Coming Soon

Free 4.5 Update Coming Soon!


ArtRage 4.5 has now been released! Come check it out!
Mountains boy by Jon Hodgson ArtRage Artist
Mountains Boy by Jon Hodgson

Are you ready to make the leap? 

We will shortly be releasing a major update to ArtRage 4. We’re pretty excited about it, and there are some pretty neat improvements that we can’t wait to share. This will be a free update for ArtRage 4, available to everyone who owns that edition.


Some of the biggest features include:

  • 64-Bit Support: 4.5 supports 64-bit processors on Windows and OS X, which means you can work at significantly larger file sizes and at much faster speeds.

  • Grids: Highly customisable grid overlays to help you map out your paintings and designs in pixels or proportions. You can choose between a non-interactive guide or have your lines “Snap To Grid”. We will be adding grids to References as well to allow for grid comparisons between reference material and your canvas.

  • Live Pencil Tilt: The Pencil Tool now supports Tilt as you paint (with compatible styluses).

Other Improvements

4.5 also has a few smaller tweaks, updates and bug fixes, including an improved Font Picker, the ability to rearrange Toolbox objects, being able to move and duplicate resources between categories, OS X Multitouch improvements, faster undo actions, and Global Samples saved separately from your Preferences.

Want to know more?
Check out the ArtRage 4.5 Page for the latest details on features and specifications.

How Much Will It Cost? How Do You Get It?

This will be free to everyone who owns ArtRage 4. You only have to pay for new editions (e.g. moving from ArtRage 2 to ArtRage 4), never for updates to versions that you already own.

If you are considering purchasing ArtRage 4, then get it from our ArtRage Store. You will be eligible to download 4.5 when it is released.

If you purchase ArtRage 4 after the release date, then you will get 4.5. If you already own ArtRage 4 when we release 4.5, then you can download it later from the Member Area by registering your serial number.

Still Using An Older Edition?

As always, anyone who owns ArtRage 2, ArtRage Studio or ArtRage Studio Pro is able to upgrade to the latest ArtRage with a 50% discount. This is an additional discount, on top of any sales we may have.

Important: Windows XP Users

Windows XP will not be supported by ArtRage 4.5, and we will no longer support this platform going forward.

You can continue to use ArtRage 4.0.6 and you will still be able to download it from the Member Area.

Steam Users:

ArtRage 4 Steam editions will update through Steam. You do not need to register anywhere else.

If you are using a Steam edition and Windows XP then we are working on giving you the option not to install the 4.5 update.

Need Help With Registering, Finding Your Serial, or Something Else?

We have plenty of help posts in the FAQ section to help you out. If you’re still stuck, send us an email and we’ll be happy to help.