ArtRage Tutorial Videos: Oils in ArtRage for iPad

Learn to paint using digital oils in ArtRage for iPad with Raheem Nelson


Raheem Nelson is a professional digital artist from Connecticut who specialises in iPad art. He has been using ArtRage on the iPad for years, along with other apps and traditional art (such as mural painting!) and created this series of introductory video tutorials to introduce new artists to ArtRage’s digital oils and the basics of painting in the iPad app.

You can see more of his art, events and tutorials at www.raheemnelson.com

Getting Started With the Tools

Using the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil for ArtRage

Time: 3.22

This video explains how to connect and set up your Apple Pencil so that you can start drawing in ArtRage on your iPad Pro.


*You can also paint with a finger or another supported stylus.

Using the Oils Brush

Time: 2.36

This video introduces you to the Oil Brush tool, demonstrating how the paint mixes and what the Settings do.

Using the Paint Tube and Palette Knife

Time: 2.05

The Paint Tube lets you squeeze out very thick oil from a tube instead of painting it on with a brush. Spread it out with a flat palette knife to lay down a lot of colour quickly, or create thick impasto effects.

Using Layers

Time: 6.50

Raheem uses layers to sketch and colour a basic still life.

Painting Tutorials

Painting an Urban Landscape

Time: 6.04

Draw a basic cityscape with moon, night sky and skyline, using the Oil Brush.

Drawing the Human Eye (1/3)

Time: 3.18

This video series shows you how to sketch and paint a semi-realistic human eye from a reference. The first video shows Raheem Nelson sketching out the eye with the Pencil tool.

Painting the Human Eye (2/3)

Time: 17.21

Paint your sketch from the first video with oils, building up realistic colours ready for blending.

Blending the Human Eye (3/3)

Time: 12.01

Use the palette knife to blend the oil paint together and finish your painting.

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For more help with using ArtRage, check out the ArtRage Online Manual, the list of community tutorials. And don’t forget to check the FAQ section!

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