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ArtRage for Android on the Google Play Store

50% Off ArtRage for Android!

Get the Android app HALF PRICE to celebrate the release of ArtRage 5! Get ArtRage for Android for only US$2.49 now!  ArtRage 5 has been out for two weeks and is now up to version 5.0.3. While we're still hard at work making sure we've found all the release bugs and fine tuning things, we wanted to stop and celebrate by putting the Android app on sale on the Play Store for a few days. The Android app is a lot simpler ...

ArtRage 5 Upgrade Discounts

ArtRage 5 Upgrade - Existing ArtRage owners are eligible for an upgrade discount off the full price. ArtRage Lite users will get 30% off the full price. ArtRage 3, 3 (Studio/Studio Pro) and 4 users will get 50% off the full price. Steam users, see this post for help registering your serial number. To Claim Your Upgrade Discount...
Kestrel pencil drawing in ArtRage 5

‘ArtRage 5 Coming Soon’ Holiday Sale

ArtRage 5 Coming Soon! ArtRage 4 now 50% Off! We are very pleased to announce the upcoming release of ArtRage 5, the most powerful and professional edition of ArtRage yet. ArtRage 5 is due in January 2017 and ArtRage 4 will be on sale until ArtRage 5 is released. So What’s Coming in ArtRage 5? ArtRage 5 adds so many new things, and we’re very excited to be able to talk about them at last...
AR android logo sale

ArtRage Mobile Apps Christmas Sale!

Christmas Sale: ArtRage for Android and ArtRage for iPad   Pick up one of our full featured traditional painting apps cheap for your mobile device for Christmas!Artrage for iPad and Android FeaturesArtRage for iPad includes full support for the latest models of the most popular Bluetooth styluses (Adonit, Adobe, Pogo Connect and Wacom), as well as the Apple Pencil and iPad Pro. ArtRage for Android fully supports the S Pen's tilt and sensitivity. You can also fingerpaint away in both apps!Both apps feature ...
seasons greetings artrage snowman banner

ArtRage for Desktop Holiday Sale

ArtRage Desktop Editions Holiday Sale ArtRage Lite and ArtRage 4 are on sale over Christmas and the New Year!Our desktop versions of ArtRage offer a full range of realistic traditional tools, powerful 64-bit support and fast performance, unlimited layers, tracing and reference options, reliable support, and lifetime downloads of both Mac OSX and Windows versions.Want to try us out first? Try the demo or the free Android app!We offer a nearly-fully featured demo of ArtRage 4 for both Windows and Mac OSX. ...
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